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    Auto airbag recall moves far too slowly for safety

    It’s been six years since a Virginia woman bled to death in front of her children after the airbag in her Honda Accord exploded, sending shards of metal into her neck and chest. Seven months earlier, an 18-year-old cheerleader in California died the same way after a fender-bender in a school...


    Pessimism about the American dream in vogue

    Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who’s running for the Republican presidential nomination, issued a stark warning recently. “Today, for the first time in history, a majority of Americans believe that our kids will have a worse life than we do,” Cruz told conservatives in South Carolina...


    Students belong at the center of school funding questions

    When leaders ask my opinion regarding state funding challenges, my answer often surprises people. It’s not about taxes, or levies or court decisions. It’s not about lobbyists, politicians, or unions. It’s simply about students, and how all of us – parents, communities...


    ‘Downtown Strategy’ is underway in Olympia

    Downtown Olympia’s problems are complicated. If they were simple, we would already have thousands of units of downtown housing, at every price level. We would have a compact, walkable city center teeming with art and culture, a prosperous and growing community of downtown businesses, safe...


    Lawmakers should reshape budget to help communities of color

    As conversations about the state budget continue, legislators should assess how the budget can provide shared prosperity for all Washingtonians. To make that happen, budget priorities must help ensure communities of color have the same opportunities to thrive as everyone else. Today, that’...


    If Clinton stands, presidential standards fall

    I recall the moment when the press finally turned against Bill Clinton. In 1998, when the word came that there was a blue dress stained with actual, physical, genetic evidence, it was the consensus of veteran journalists along the hallway that Clinton was gone, gone, gone, through either resignation...


    Obama’s Islamic State strategy is failing big

    A “setback.” That’s how the Obama administration understated the fall of Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s Anbar province, which lies just 70 miles west of Baghdad. We hardly think it a mere setback that the so-called Islamic State gained control of Ramadi.


    US Highway Trust Fund needs a permanent fix

    Congress is – again – planning to pass a temporary extension for the Highway Trust Fund, which uses the federal gas tax to pay for road, bridge and public transit construction. But the fund is nearly broke. Last year, lawmakers adopted a 10-month extension so they would have time to...


    School shooting: More questions than answers

    There are a few phone calls every parent dreads getting. At about 7:30 a.m. on April 27, I got one of those phone calls. Fortunately, my son had the presence of mind to start with: “Everyone is fine. I’m with Victoria, and we’re in the car far away from the school.” Once...


    State Parks needs general tax funding to function

    One hundred and two years ago a process began to assemble a collection of parks and trails, including hundreds of heritage, historical and cultural sites. This treasury has become today’s Washington State Parks and Recreation agency, one of the oldest and most diverse state parks systems ...

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