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    An ode to baseball and a day of playing hooky

    The voice on the phone was deep with conspiracy: "Play hooky with me," it urged. It was my brother, who otherwise holds a pretty responsible position in higher education in this community.


    China’s effort to quell dissent jails journalist

    In the spring of 2013, the Chinese Communist Party began circulating a document to party officials that carried a stern tone. The document warned of “seven perils” facing the party and urged a steadfast campaign against them. They were largely based on ideas of democracy, freedom and...


    Legislature needs to fix education funding leak

    In 2007, lawmakers increased education funding 15 percent on a per student basis, and at the same time the Washington Education Association (WEA) led a lawsuit alleging that the state underfunded education. How could both be true? They were true because the WEA broke the school funding system with...

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