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    Is President Obama too detached to lead?

    Having once served a president, I don’t begrudge any president a vacation. There is, in fact, no escape from this relentless job. A change of scenery does not involve a change in responsibilities, or even a release from the essence of the president’s routine. The intelligence briefings...


    A shameful failure to gather data on police use of force

    How many times a year do U.S. police officers employ deadly force, and how many people die as a result? What are the races and ethnicities of those involved? How often are the objects of police force armed or unarmed? These are just some of the questions people have asked in the wake of the fatal...


    What role does oil play in aid to refugee kids?

    If we had an interest in oil in Central America, would we be discussing sending children back to where atrosities are so horrendous parents are willing to send them alone through dangerous territories in the hope of a safe life here?


    Hospital volunteers deserve better treatment

    We volunteer to make a difference to our community and to our neighbors in need. We don’t need any fanfare, but a little appreciation from the agency where we volunteer would be nice. Many agencies depend on volunteers to run smoothly and efficiently. One of those agencies is Providence St...


    Your vote could be a winner in lottery to improve turnout

    The Los Angeles Ethics Commission recently passed a resolution recommending that the city council establish an election lottery with cash prizes. Only residents who vote in city elections would be entered to win. As an experiment to increase voter turnout, it’s worth a shot.


    Wilcox has earned re-election in 2nd District

    Voters in the 2nd Legislative District of rural Pierce and Thurston counties should have an easy time choosing J.T. Wilcox of McKenna to represent them in the state House of Representatives. He has no serious opponent.


    Give the president a break on his vacation

    After American journalist James Foley suffered a gruesome decapitation on video last week, President Barack Obama called the event appalling, commiserated with Foley’s parents via phone, and departed for a round of golf with ex-NBA star Alonzo Mourning.


    Retirees relied on pension increases for their future

    After working for the state for 30 plus years I retired. Then came the announcement that the Legislature repealed the cost of living raises that PERS 1 retirees were promised all their working life. I was accustomed to the Legislature balancing the budget on the backs of state employees, but I never...


    Ferguson incident could have been easily defused

    I went to an orientation today for substitute teachers in the South Sound area. The subject of defusing and redirecting confrontations came up. Substitute teachers do that every day. It occurred to me that anyone in that room of maybe 100 people could have defused and redirected the incident in ...


    3 minutes, no feedback is not a conversation

    I, along with others (including city council members), am working on a regular time and place for community dialogue and conversation about how we govern ourselves. It is not a function left solely to the city council, city manager or police chief, as so many seem to think. Civics is a function ...

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