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    Life without plastic bags

    More than four months have passed since on ban on plastic bag use took effect in the cities of Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater, and the unincorporated areas of Thurston County. Thurston County Solid Waste is reaching out to consumers and businesses to see what they like, or don’t like, about ...


    Congress holds the solution for net neutrality

    Is there anybody out there who opposes net neutrality? Net neutrality, of course, is the principle that calls for the Internet to remain free and open - with no “fast lanes” that would allow some content providers to take priority over others. This week, Washington was buzzing with...


    Cold weather does not refute global warming

    If you live in the U.S., you have been feeling insanely cold lately. The Weather Channel says that parts of the Midwest and Great Lakes region may experience “one of the longest sub-freezing spells on record for the month of November.” But the whole United States has been quite cold...


    U.S. executes more people than ISIS, more painfully

    The US is bombing Iraq and Syria because ISIS beheaded a few individuals. However, the U.S. actively supports other nations that practice the death penalty, and the U.S. itself executes more people than nearly any other nation on earth.


    Commissioner forgot she was a servant of the public

    The common thread of all great leaders is the attitude of servitude to those they lead. All too often people who aspire to and seek public office, start with an aspiration to serve the needs of others, then when entrusted by the people become drunk with power and elevated self-image, forgetting ...


    Capitol bridge needs a three-foot extension

    It is sad that a person uses the bridge to take their own life, and very hard on the surviving family members.


    Olympia Brewery may have a bright future

    A healthy dose of cautious optimism is in order with news this week that a potential buyer for the Olympia Brewery has surfaced.


    It’s Bud Blake who should be doing teaching at county

    A recent editorial expresses the hope that Thurston County “commissioners Cathy Wolfe and Sandra Romero will have a willing and diligent student.” As Bud Blake takes office, my suggestion is that the two incumbents would do well to avail themselves of the common sense that Blake brings...


    Have something to say? Write for The Olympian

    The Olympian’s 2014 Board of Contributors is nearing the end of its 12-month term. That means we are looking for five or six local writers to form the 2015 board, whose members will take turns writing a weekly column.


    Does the pope’s human touch create confusion?

    Pope Francis’ American honeymoon is over (though the whole idea of a papal honeymoon smacks of Borgia-era excess). Thoughtful Catholic writers wonder if the pope (who conspicuously marries cohabiting couples) is laying the groundwork for more substantive changes on the sacrament of marriage...

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