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    Status of WSU med-school bill

    The state House and Senate both approved a bill authorizing Washington State University to teach medicine and forestry as major lines of study. The WSU board of regents also is authorized to establish its own medical school. House Bill 1559 now awaits signing by Gov. Jay Inslee, who was scheduled...


    First, do no harm to UW’s top-ranked medical school

    The recent news that the University of Washington remains the nation’s top ranked medical school in primary care, and family and rural medicine, as it has for more than two decades, is recognition we can all cheer. Whether the Legislature decides to spend resources on WSU’s new medical...


    New WSU medical school would be good investment

    In 1917 – when life expectancy for the American male was 48 years and 1 percent of homes had indoor plumbing – the Legislature saw fit to ensure there would be only one publicly-funded medical school in Washington. Times have changed; one medical school cannot keep pace with the growing...


    Tougher city alcohol ban is sensible for downtown

    Banning sales of certain high-alcohol beers and wines in Olympia's downtown core made a lot of sense when it took effect in February 2014 for local convenience stores. But The ban would be more effective if it included labels that are now replacing banned ones on grocery shelves. That is why we ...


    Here’s what is needed for honest budget debate

    When it comes to the federal budget, what consistently unites Democrats and Republicans is their common capacity to lie to themselves, lie to the public and postpone any serious discussion of the central issues of government spending and taxes. I use the word “lie” reluctantly because...


    Human element: wild card in Germanwings tragedy

    For a moment, near the end, the only sound was a lone person breathing. It was the sound of someone committing an unfathomable act. And then the screams of 149 people filled the air.


    High taxes making mess of new marijuana market

    Washington state has really screwed the pooch on legal marijuana. The first tragic mistake was turning this whole thing over to the Liquor Control Board, responsible for the highest per gallon liquor tax in the nation. They have made the entire process so convoluted, confusing, and bureaucratic ...


    Might be time to make Israel our 51st state

    The recent arrangement between the GOP and the prime minister of Israel seems so cozy and mutually satisfying that I support annexing Israel as our 51st state. It would be a very short leap to do so. Israel already enjoys billions of taxpayer dollars each year in, and out.


    Reviewer missed the magic in new ‘Cinderella’ film

    This pertains to the poor review Roger Moore gave to the movie “Cinderella.” We (our family with all the grandkids) saw it and loved it. We all thought just the opposite of the review: Cinderella, her sweet self, was perfect, not snippy, sexy or cool, but the way she was supposed to...


    Capitol Lake future in need of clarity

    Kudos to both the Deschutes Estuary Restoration Team and Capitol Lake Improvement & Protection Association. Questions over the future of Capitol Lake — whether as a lake or estuary — have lingered for far too many years without answers to long term maintenance...

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