Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

School shooting cartoon on the mark

Glenn McCoy’s cartoon in the Feb. 22 Olympian showing a teenage boy holding a sign saying “Ban All Guns” and his mom holding a sign saying “And Violent Video Games” is the first and only sensible publication I have seen regarding the Feb. 14 slaughter at the Florida high school.

Letters to the Editor

Time to fund schools another way besides levies

I am on a fixed income and hate levies to fund our schools. It all falls on the property owners. We are soon facing taxes equal to or more than our regular taxes for schools. We usually vote no on levies because our kids are grown and we have no grandchildren. We are taken along "for the ride" when levies pass. Military people vote yes, then leave the area.

Letters to the Editor

Congress must reject cuts to foreign aid

Just like last year, the White House has released a national budget proposal that drastically slashes foreign aid. What does this money do? For starters, it ensures that millions of people get treatment for tuberculosis, which is currently the world’s biggest infectious killer. It helps babies get the medical care and nutrition they need to grow into healthy kids. It gives girls a chance to go to school.

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Mike Zunino rakes 3 homers, big defense with a week left of spring training

Seattle Mariners catcher Mike Zunino is on a hot streak with a week left of spring training. See what he has to say about his performance.
TJ Cotterill Courtesy of Seattle Mariners