Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Legislature didn’t pony up enough for schools

It would be amusing if it was not so maddening to see that the Legislature has again thumbed its nose at the Washington Supreme Court's order to provide a stable, adequate revenue source to fully fund basic education. What part of the word paramount is so hard to grasp? We've got a multi-billion dollar tax break for Boeing; we've got a generous $16 billion for transportation, but a piddly $1.3 billion extra for our broken school system – which, this very year, produced a couple thousand high school seniors who cannot pass a biology test and move on with their lives.

Letters to the Editor

Initiative 732 is a good start on climate change

In a recent Olympian guest column, the writers disputed the Initiative 732 campaign sponsored by Carbon Washington. This initiative to the Legislature would tax fossil fuels with the proceeds lowering the sales tax by 1 percent, remove the business and occupations tax from Washington manufacturers, and fund the working families tax rebate.

Letters to the Editor

Lacey ban on single-use plastic bags makes sense

I would like to thank Lacey City Council members Cynthia Pratt, Andy Ryder, Jeff Gadman and Michael Steadman for upholding the single use plastic bag ban in Lacey. Despite pressure from a political action committee to accept payment to put this measure on the ballot, a majority of the City Council showed leadership by voting to protect the environment from discarded plastic bags that litter the landscape, leach toxic chemicals into land and water, and maim and poison sea life.

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