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Too few judges sets up US immigration system to fail

Over the last 10 years, the workload of the federal immigration court system has increased by 146 percent to an astounding 453,948 active cases at the end of July. The average amount of time each of those cases has been pending: 627 days. Some have been lingering for years.

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Supreme Court oversteps authority by fining Legislature

The Washington state Supreme Court ruled the Legislature is in violation of its constitutional duty to fund education and is requiring reforms. It concedes that the sole constitutional authority related to education rests with the Legislature but it is nevertheless requiring that educational reform meet the court’s requirements in the McCleary case.

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Social Security, at 80, is still essential and affordable

On the 80th birthday of Social Security, we should recognize the program’s immense achievements, keeping millions of Americans out of poverty, not undermining its credibility using fear tactics not based in fact. Currently, attackers are claiming that the program is unsustainable and that its funding shortfall is “beyond comprehension,” throwing around figures in the trillions.

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Democratic candidates off-target on student debt

For some students, college debt can be a disincentive to attend or a crushing burden afterward. For others, many of whom are starting classes now, it is a reasonable investment in a degree that will lead to increased lifetime earnings. As they look for crowd-pleasing solutions to the college debt “crisis,” the Democratic candidates aren’t making the right distinctions.

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Students need time to adjust to new state tests

The state Board of Education made the right call when it recently decided to set a lower passing high school graduation score for next spring’s Common Core math and English tests. The standardized tests, known as the Smarter Balanced exams, will set a new bar for students beginning next spring. A score of 3 or 4 means students are ready for college and careers, but for next year, the passing high school level will be just above a 2.5.

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