‘Finding Dory,’ animated ‘Star Trek’ are new on DVD this week

The character Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, in a scene from “Finding Dory.” The Pixar/Disney film is now available on DVD.
The character Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, in a scene from “Finding Dory.” The Pixar/Disney film is now available on DVD. Courtesy

Two very different animated offerings top this week’s new DVD releases.

“Finding Dory”: 3 1/2 out of 4 stars. “Finding Dory,” the long awaited follow-up to the 2003 release “Finding Nemo,” has all the fun and charm of the original movie. In some ways — especially dealing with themes of friends and family — the sequel outdoes the original.

Although it’s been 13 years since the first film, the action in the sequel takes place a year after Nemo was found. All seems right except blue tang fish Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) is having some mental flashebacks about her family. These are only wisps of thoughts because Dory still lacks short-term memory.

The film is an example of how to make a sequel work: Take all of the best elements of the original film, such as characters and talent, mix in a story that ranges from silly to sweet, and present it in a package that will hit you with waves of visual splendor.

“Star Trek: The Animated Series”: 2.5 stars. Capt. James T. Kirk leads his crew on 22 animated adventures in this new Blu-ray set. The best thing about the series — which ran two seasons — is that several of the actors from the original live-action TV show reprise their roles. The set sounds good, but the stories and animation are a little weak.

What the animated series can do that was not possible with the live-action version is to go on more elaborate adventures and introduce stranger aliens, include a feline character.

“Star Trek: The Animated Series” original aired in 1973 and 1974.


“Army of One”: Ex-con (Nicolas Cage) gets vision telling him to capture Osama Bin Laden.

“Lazy Eye”: Old passions are rekindled over a weekend visit.

“Game of Thrones: Season 6”: Includes all of the episodes of the popular HBO series plus behind-the-scenes features.

“Looking: The Complete Series”: HBO series that focuses on gay life in the Bay Area.

“Better Call Saul: Season Two”: Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) continues his change from small-time attorney into criminal lawyer Saul Goodman.

“My Love, Don’t Cross That River”: Look at fraternal dysfunction against the backdrop of the Civil War.

“Arlo the Burping Pig”: Every time Arlo eats, he belches loudly.

“Dead Ringers”: David Cronenberg presents a haunting story of twin gynecologists.

“The Syndicate: All or Nothing”: British family struggles to maintain their manor.

“The Lucy Show: The Complete Series”: Lucy (Lucille Ball) and her friend, Vivian (Vivian Vance), move in together.

“America By the Numbers with Maria Hinojosa: The New Deciders”: Examination of voters whose power and influence are growing in politics.

“Shared Rooms”: Romantic comedy of gay men seeking family, love and sex during the holiday season.

“J’accuse”: The 1938 film from Abel Gance is now on Blu-ray.

“Wentworth, Season 1”: Wife and mother from the suburbs becomes a top dog in prison.

“My King”: Portrait of self-destructive romance featuring Vincent Cassel and Emmanuelle Bercot.

“Mia Madre”: Filmmaker juggles demands of work and personal life. John Turturro stars.

“Cardboard Boxer”: Homeless man is talked into fighting for money. Thomas Haden Church stars.

Available on Digital HD

“Jason Bourne”: CIA’s most dangerous weapon is pulled back into the line of fire.

“Cents”: Young Latina girl learns to embrace her brilliance. Julia Flores stars.