Claire’s recalls makeup products FDA said tested positive for asbestos

Eye Shadow, Compact Powder and Contour Palette of Claire’s.
Eye Shadow, Compact Powder and Contour Palette of Claire’s. FDA

A week after disagreeing with the FDA about asbestos in three of its makeup products, girls’ fashion chain Claire’s did what the FDA wanted: issued an official recall of the three products.

Claire’s pulled Eyeshadows, Compact Powder and Contour Palette from stores last week. So, this recall concerns those who have these makeup products in purses and makeup kits at home.

“Any consumers who have purchased these products should discontinue use and return them to a Claire’s store for a full refund,” the Claire’s-written, FDA-posted recall notice says. “To date, Claire’s is not aware of any adverse reactions, injuries or illness caused by the possible presence of asbestos in the recalled products. Claire’s continues to have confidence in the safety and composition of its products and is taking these actions out of an abundance of caution.”

Claire’s also says it has switched to talc-free manufacturing for all cosmetics. Asbestos gets into makeup via contaminated talc.

The recall covers lot No. 8/17 of the Eyeshadows, No. 7/15 of the Compact Powder and No. 4/17 of the Contour Palette. They were sold in Claire’s stores from October 2016 through last week.

Last week, a year after Claire’s denied Rhode Island mother Kristi Warner’s claim of asbestos in makeup, the FDA announced that testing by OSHA and AMA Analytical Services had turned up asbestos in the three products. Claire’s criticized the FDA testing as showing “significant errors.”

Even in Tuesday night’s recall notice, Claire’s didn’t back off completely, saying FDA-backed testing “indicated the possible presence of asbestos fibers in product samples from one lot of each product. Inhalation of asbestos over time has been linked to serious adverse health consequences.”

Consumers with questions can contact Claire’s at 800-252-4737, option 2, from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Eastern time.

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