'PopMart' is U2 at best

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of their larger-than-life 1997 tour, U2's live concert DVD "PopMart: Live in Mexico City" is an indispensable snapshot of the band at the close of the most adventurous period of their career.

Playing in support of their ninth studio album, the unfairly lambasted electronic detour "Pop," U2 put together a tour full of so much spectacle, flash and sensual overload that critics didn't know what to think of their tongue-in-cheek swipe at consumer culture.

A colorful array of visuals on the world's largest LCD at the time - 56 feet tall, 176 feet wide - and electronic flourish added to the set list had fans scratching their heads as well.

This DVD captures Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. at the For Sol Autodromo in Mexico City on Dec. 3, 1997.

A gloriously over-the-top entrance through the crowd from the rear of the stadium kicks into the technorock of "Mofo" before they immediately turn the clock back with a striking update of their earliest hit, "I Will Follow."

Listening to a seamless transition between two songs they recorded more than 15 years apart shows that even U2's wildest experiments still are rooted in their past - and that notion is sprinkled throughout the two-hour concert.

All the hits up until that point in their career are here and they pull off several brilliant reworkings of signature songs - an anthemic version of "Even Better Than The Real Thing," an electro-charged "New Year's Day," a funky "Bullet The Blue Sky" and The Edge's quiet solo take on "Sunday Bloody Sunday."

A few highlights include Bono's and The Edge's acoustic duets on "Desire" and "Staring at the Sun," an always-rousing "Where The Streets Have No Name," the softness of "All I Want Is You" and a brief moment when Bono gets tearful as the crowd steals his thunder to take over "Pride (In The Name of Love)" - the last worth the price of the DVD alone.

Two versions are available: a single disc with the concert in both stereo and surround sound, as well as a Limited Deluxe Edition featuring a bonus disc with seven live performances recorded in Rotterdam and Edmonton, videos, a PopMart trivia game, and a few short documentaries from the tour, including one on the band's legendary performance in war-torn Sarajevo.