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You'll get the chills

Just how scary is the My Morbid Mind haunted barn?

Scary enough that even people who help to create it get a little jumpy.

“We did a walk-through, and there are parts of it that are startling,” said Tristin Pivar of Lacey, who’s assisted with the project for three or four years. “It can still catch me off guard and freak me out, even though I know where the stuff is.”

The Halloween house came from the morbid mind of Kevin Noah of Lacey, who started down the road to frightening people by decorating his porch for Halloween.

“It got bigger and bigger,” he said. “I like scaring people, and I’m really good at it.”

Last year, he decided to make a business of his love for things that go bump in the night. And since he’s an electrician, Noah has not only actors but also moving parts.

“When you’re walking, I have sensors that you trip, and they’ll trigger a prop to do something,” he said.

In addition to an introductory movie and some elaborate special effects, Noah sets up an area where children can wait while parents walk through.

This year, he’ll have a coloring contest for children ages 4-8.