Marriage Licences for Oct. 22

From the Thurston County Court:

Green-Spath, Matthew James and Jennifer Cahan

Fernald-Foster, Jordan James and Jamie Leigh

Anderson-Hortin, Brett Steven and Melissa Anne

Watkins-Cronin, Ricky Joe and Jacqueline Mercedes

Stiner-Dempsey, Tommy Joe Sr. and Michelle Denise

Nissell-Anderson, Chip Frank and Jamie Reva

Adams-Opfer, Scott Kelly and Judith Lee

Prokopy-Sperry, William Robert and Britnee Marie

Soderlind-Therrien, Terrance Lee and Penny Jean

WEsley-Hare, Brad Alan and Megan Elizabeth Candice

Halsey-Thompson, Joshua John and Anna Marie

Dupuis-Sihachack, Joseph James and Soubanh

Jemmett-Sarong, Jeremy Paul and Fe Piquero

Kurtz-Jensen, Eli Michael and Kelli Ann

Lesh-Clark, Brian Matthew and Tina Lynn

McIver-Haggerty, Malcolm Shawn and Molly Kristen

Powers-Andrade, Joshua Ryan and Lara Maegen

Gorzynski-Casazza, Timothy Ray and Ashley Suzanne

Mejia-Nieves, Jose Tobias and Sacha Soon

Ross-Sorrell, Christopher Dewayne and Megan Nicole

Thomas-Brower, Charles Joseph and Tiffany Renee

Esslinger-Dotson-Shaffer, Nathaniel Jordan James and Meghan Kelly

Chavez-Botello, Jorge Antonio and Griselda

Couey-Bender, Kenneth Alan and Ashley Elizabeth

Leverington-Boysen, Marc Alexander and Andrea Nicole

Pierce-Stenberg, David Edward and Kirsten Lynn

French-Cederholm, Dean Eldon and Katie Sue

Ho-Mai, Duykhang Minh and Truc Nguyen Thuy

Beals-Goelz, Luke Elliott and Lisa Ann

Petersen-Aggergaard, Keith Michael and Wendy Nelson

Montemarano-Owen, Richard Anthony III and Whitney Marie

Graham-Troyer, Jerry Dean and Kathleen Hope

Steele-Black, Tyler Hillis and Stephanie Janice

Sanders-Poulton, Ryan Christopher and Alicia Rose

johnson-Sanders, Alexander Michael and Anjana Markeith

Smith-County, Daniel John Sr. and Robyn Tracy

Ames-Perez, Joel Raymond and Kimberly Dawn

Martinsen-Davis, Nathan Tyler and Christina Ann

Vaughan-Larson, Jacob Henry and Tonya Mari

Alefteras-Coleman, George Robert and Stephanie Marie

Imke-Guzman-Demarco, Andrew Aaron and Tanya Marcella

Hoyne-Sebastian-Knight, Dustin Ryan and Alicia R.

Esposito-Rogers, Joseph Michael and Ashley Sienna

Riddels-Stapel, Carl Douglas and Cathleen Marie

Larson-Croasdill, Jamie and Amy Louise