Volunteer of the Month: Midge Gord

Midge Gord is passionate about doing taxes. That is why she volunteers her time as a tax preparer and instructor for the AARP-sponsored Tax Counseling for the Elderly (“TCE”) program. As a former tax office manager for 15 years (now retired), she knows all the ins and outs of the U.S. Tax Code and keeps up on all the latest updates from the IRS. Gord says the clients she has helped — who do not have to be AARP members — are often either misinformed or they find the tax regulations confusing and frustrating.

Gord notes that you don’t have to be an expert or know the tax code to be an AARP TCE volunteer. “It helps if you enjoy math and are detail oriented, as I was before I became a tax preparer,” she says. She used to be a waitress and bartender. Gord now also teaches classes to potential TCE volunteers. She loves teaching the class and loves helping others to prepare their taxes. “You’ve heard of computer geeks?” she jokes. “Well, I am a tax geek!”

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