T's raise social consciousness

T-shirts worn by college students run the gamut from Jim Belushi-inspired "College" T's to lewd and insinuating shirts.

Rarely do T-shirts provoke onlookers to muster more than an amused laugh or quizzical stare.

But new statement-making T-shirts from Politeed, a Dallas- based apparel company, say more.

Touting phrases such as "Is America the real source of the world's problems?" and "Will God judge us for Destroying the Earth?" the shirts promise to promote discussion - and it could get heated.

Looking to increase the level o f social consciousness among young people, Politeed's line of controversial shirts all pose a politically charged question without taking sides.

The shirts deal with climate change, race issues, religion, foreign policy, the Iraq War, terrorism, human rights, gay rights, abortion and immigration.

The shirts cost $28.95, are designed for men and women and come in short-sleeve and tank top varieties. To order, go to