Makeup takes its cues from cool neutrals

So maybe you’ve dipped your toe into the ocean-colors trend with, perhaps, a marine-blue dress or a sand-colored sweater. Now what? Is there a ripple effect with your lipstick or eye shadow?

“Treat your makeup like you would jewelry,” says Kristin Perrotta, editorial projects director at Allure magazine. “If you’re wearing a busy dress, you wear not a lot of makeup. It’s the same if you’re wearing bright blue – I generally believe you should tone down your makeup.”

She adds: “If it’s neutral clothes, you have two choices, either pump it up or you can go for the whole neutral shebang.”

If you go the sandy route, she suggests neutrals with shimmer “to avoid looking like cardboard.”

Makeup artist Pat McGrath, an adviser for the new Dolce & Gabbana cosmetics collection, will often pick one feature of the face to add bright pink or peach if a woman is in earthy shades.

She generally doesn’t go for a matchy-matchy look, but does like blue eye shadow this season, especially for women with hazel, green or brown eyes. It’s a stellar nighttime look with the shadow layered over smudged black liner near the lash line, McGrath says.