Wedding bell blues

You’ve spent months (maybe even years) planning your wedding. And now it’s all over. The dream dress has been worn, the vows have been spoken and the guests have gone home.

What’s a bride to do?

Don’t worry.

Post-wedding blues are a normal part of the wedding process. If you’re feeling down, follow these guidelines to help you perk up and enjoy the best part of the post-wedding experience – being married!


What can you do now that all the planning and stressing out is over? Think about what your expectations were of married life before you tied the knot. It’s easy to romanticize it, but once the wedding is over and you’re back to everyday life, you might miss the hustle and bustle associated with planning your big day.

Talk about your expectations with your spouse. How do you want to build your life together? How would you like to spend your time now that you’re married? This can help to eliminate some of your unrealistic expectations.


From meetings with the caterer to making your invitations, escort cards and favors, you’ve devoted all of your free time to wedding preparation and planning. Once you’ve returned from your honeymoon, think up ways to fill your spare time. Picture all the things you did before the engagement – dinners with friends, movie nights and other social events. Although life might not be quite as exciting as when you were planning your wedding, activities will help you reconnect with friends, family and your spouse. You have time to relax. Enjoy it.


The thrill of the wedding isn’t all in the past – you still have your wedding pictures to look through. Set up a time with your photographer to have your pictures posted online or to pick up the prints in person. This will give you and your new husband a chance to reminisce about your wedding day.

If you aren’t buying an album package through your photographer, then make this your new project. Buy a scrapbook, a shadow box or picture frames and tons of cute paper, and spend the next few months putting together your memories.


When you’re first married, it’s easy to get wrapped up in your spouse and your newly married status. But making time just for you is key to an easy transition. Whether it’s taking a leisurely bike ride in your neighborhood, heading to the spa for a relaxing massage or hitting the mall for a little retail therapy, this time alone will not only rejuvenate you, but also help to strengthen the “I” in the relationship, instead of just the “we.”


You might feel silly or ungrateful for having negative post-wedding feelings, but it’s totally normal. Keeping those thoughts and emotions to yourself will only make them worse, so go ahead and plan a girls’ night out. Dish to your friends (especially the married ones who have been in your position). And don’t forget to communicate with your spouse. It’s easy to shut him out when you’re frustrated, but sharing might help – he might be feeling the same way.