The perfect jeans

Jeans are like your genes in that they’re, quite literally, all about you.

Store shelves are filled with every possible denim permutation of silhouettes, washes and detailing. And guess what? They are all fashionable.

“I think it’s more about where the jean is going,” said “Project Runway” mentor Tim Gunn, who recently hosted a DKNY Jeans fashion show at a Macy’s near Miami. “For daytime, I think the washes should be light to distressed to medium. Of course, the more dark the jeans, the more places it can go.”

So what you really need to focus on is how the jeans look on you. Here are some tips to guide you through the overwhelming choices.

 • If you have a “Caribbean curve” – with womanly hips and thighs – pick a boot-cut jean, which will balance everything out and give the illusion of proportion.

 • If you can’t imagine how it’s possible to have too much of a “Caribbean curve,” then go ahead, girl, and put your shapely rear on blast. Look for jeans with yokes (or rear seams) that angle downward. Denim capris have a proportion that can make your derriere look mountainous – which isn’t always a bad thing.

 • Yes, skinny jeans are of-the-moment but “they’re not for everyone,” said Gunn. If you must, try a darker color or wash. Also pair with a loose and blousey top. Wear with a stiletto heel to elongate the leg, or stuff them inside boots, which creates balance with hips and rear.

 • If you want to camouflage a bit of a tummy, look for a pair that’s cut higher in the back than the front in a boot-cut style with a Lycra-enhanced fit.

 • Tall women with a long torso or waist might want to try high-waisted jeans.

 • Women with boyish shapes might want to try a skinny jean to emphasize the hips.