Steelhead swimming, biting in Columbia

The amazing run of steelhead continues on the Columbia River, and it is translating into good fishing.

Daily counts between Aug. 11 and Tuesday at Bonneville Dam have averaged 21,877 fish, highlighted by the record one-day count of 34,053 fish on Aug. 13. That average is well over the previous one-day record of 14,432 fish on Aug. 3, 2001.

The count Tuesday was the 17,553, bringing the total for the year to 352,405 summer-run steelhead. The preseason forecast was 352,000 upriver summer run steelhead.

Joe Hymer, a state Department of Fish and Widlife fish biologist, also reported just more than 8,300 steelhead were estimated kept by sports anglers below the Dam during July. It’s the largest one-month total since at least 1975, he said.

The News Tribune