Weekend Getaway: Wasington International Kite Festival

What: Learn to build and fly kites, watch competitive kite flying competitions and enjoy other activities during the state’s largest kite festival.

When: Today through Sunday

Where: Long Beach

History: The festival has been held in Long Beach for more than 20 years and was voted the best kite festival in the world by the Kite Trade Association International.

Activities: Contest for best kites, kite building lessons, a handcrafted kite day and flying competitions. Participants are encouraged to have themes. There will be seminars for building kites and several professional kite fliers will attend the event.

Getting there: Take Interstate 5 south to Kelso then follow Highway 4 west to Highway 101 south. Take Highway 101 to Highway 103 and the entrance to Long Beach.

Cost: There is no charge for most of the events, but some clinics might charge a fee.

Of note: There will be kite demonstrations each day. There is also a fireworks show and lighted kite flying scheduled for Friday night at about 9:45 and Saturday night at 9:30.