Light of hope list


Barb’s Family and Friend’s is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization that has been serving the Thurston County community for 40 years.

Founder Barbara O’Neill began the holiday meal tradition 40 years ago, inviting a co-worker and her family to her home for Thanksgiving dinner when she heard they intended to share a pancake for the holiday dinner.

Before too long, the annual holiday meals became too big for Barb’s home, and it was moved to her soul food restaurant in downtown Olympia, Barb’s BBQ Soul Cuisine and Catering. The holiday meal tradition grew to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners served in a festive holiday atmosphere. The meals were moved from O’Neill’s restaurant to United Churches.

The programs were expanded to include food baskets, warm clothing and blankets at Thanksgiving and toys for kids, gifts for parents, clothing, coats, blankets and food baskets at Christmas dinner.

The Furniture Bank was established in 1996, giving donated furniture to those in need regardless of income or financial circumstance, because we can all find ourselves in hard times. Barb’s Family and Friends Furniture Bank has given approximately 1,000 items annually, and approximately 2,500 holiday meals are served each year. The organization needs are monetary donations, volunteers, food and furniture.

We have a special family we are trying to assist this holiday: a single father supporting and raising three children alone. A 7-year-old boy size 7/8 clothing, age-appropriate toys, a 5-year-old girl size 4/5 clothing and age-appropriate toys, and a 2-year-old girl size 2T/3T clothes and age-appropriate toys. The father wears 32/32 pants and extra-large shirts.

The family is without a car; they walk and ride the bus, so they are in need of warm, water-resistant coats, hats, scarves, gloves, etc. Without donations there will be no Christmas for this family.

For information and to donate, please call Mily O’Neill at 360-786-9835


City Gates Ministries is a faith-based, local nonprofit charity working in Thurston County that serves low-income families, families fallen on hard times, the homeless, the elderly and the disabled. Our mission is to help those in hardship and emergency situations. Because of this year’s economic downturn, great poverty has arisen in our neighborhoods even though it’s not easy to see. We have the power to do something about it.

CGM believes in giving people a hand up rather than a handout, and often all a person needs to succeed in life is to have someone believe in them and walk with them through the hard times. In walking that walk, we distribute some basic necessities of life (help with rent and utilities, food, clothes, sleeping bags, tents, hygiene items) along with love and encouragement. We have great connections for these items, but we also need financial partners to help us with needs that can only be met with finances. We also offer you the opportunity to bless a family at Christmas and let them know there is still kindness and hope in the world and that all is not lost for them.

As you read the Light of Hope page this year, please be aware that the answer to someone else’s plight might rest in your hands.

To learn more about City Gates Ministries, our programs and needs, and to donate to this work, visit our Web site at

Thank you and God bless you from City Gates Ministries.

Call 360-705-0291 to leave a message. Calls will be returned the next day.

Family 1 This is a military family whose finances are stretched. See and Say, Elmo, Big Bird, any “Sesame Street” things or Fisher-Price toys for a 1-year-old boy. Their 4-year-old girl would like dress-up clothes, Barbies, Disney Princess things.

Family 2 The father, the only in-home parent, has been out of work for years. His 12-year-old daughter would like gift certificates from stores like Target, Kmart, Walmart or Sears so she can purchase clothes.

Family 3 Father has severe health issues. He needs jeans and shirt (34 waist, 29 inseam, medium shirt). Mother can use gift cards to Lane Bryant for clothes. Daughter, age 14, likes make-up and clothes (teen size 12); son can use XL T-shirts and loves video game stuff.

Family 4 Struggling single mom needs set of dishes for 6, plus pots and pans. Three teens can use gift cards for clothes.

Family 5 Out-of-work mom with two sons, ages 18 and 16. Their wishes are: (18-year-old) clothes size XXLG: basketball shorts, tanktops and boxers, bedtime pants, black slippers 111/2-12 and a wallet; and (16-year-old) Skullcandy headphones, slippers size 11-12, shorts medium 32/34, new iPod and wallet and socks.

Family 6 Family with a 12-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter. Son wants pants 16-18 husky, jacket M-L, shirts M-L; and daughter would like fuzzy boots size 8-9, pants juniors 3-4, jacket juniors’ M, shirts juniors’ M-L; size-appropriate backpack, and the “Twilight” movie.

Family 7 Parents not able to do much for Christmas but would appreciate help for their children. Boy, age 8, wants sports anything and cars. Things to build things. Shirts and pants size 8. Girl, age 6, needs shirts and pants size 6. Likes baby dolls. A baby who needs size 18-month onesies and sippy cups and pacifiers.

Family 8 Dad was out of work a long time and when he got a job he had to go to South Dakota for it, so they are temporarily separated and mom is pregnant with fourth child. They have three daughters who like arts and crafts, board games, hair products like hairspray, gel, mousse, deodorant, toothpaste, headbands, ponytail holders, new pillows, puzzles and the “Twilight” series.

Family 9 Mother doing prep classes to get into dental hygiene program. Three girls need clothes. Their sizes are 16 junior petite, 16 kids, and 8 kids. Size 16 kids favorite color is blue, does not like pink. Other girls are OK with just about any color.

Family 10 Mom’s new baby is only 4 months old; she spent the last year trying to find housing security, which just happened a couple of months ago. She can use wall decorations and pots/pans. Baby needs clothes size 9 months, a crib and/or high chair and baby blankets. 18-month-old girl is size 24 months/2T. She likes baby dolls, mega blocks Legos, hardcover books and bath toys. Can use clothes.

Family 11 Dad lives with his daughter on SSI. Daughter is 3 years old and a size 4T-5T. Can use toys, building blocks, anything Dora or Tinkerbell, books, anything artsy (crayons, markers, coloring books and Play-Doh). Dad can use six place settings of dishes, mugs and silverware.

Family 12 Family of three, mom is a cancer patient. Needs king-size sheets/blankets, Scrabble game; 15-year-old son needs jeans, tight leg 30x30 L, ankle socks, full-size blanket, gloves size L, green or blue sweatshirt, would like Xbox 360.

Family 13 Mom with heart condition. She and dad live in a one-bedroom apartment with three small children: 11-month girl needs 6-9-month clothes; 8-year-old boy needs size 8-10 pants and shirts, underwear, socks, likes Spiderman and Legos; 10-year-old boy needs size 10-12 pants, shirts, jacket, likes board games and Legos. Mom wears size 22 pants and 71/2 shoe and socks; dad wears size 34x34 jeans, size 13 shoe and socks.

Family 14 Family of four with 3-year-old twin girls. The girls need clothes in size 4T; they like Dora and Little Ponies. Mom wears size 22 pants, XL shirts, size 9 shoe. Dad wears 2X shirts, 38 jeans, and size 11 shoe.

Family 15 Young mom with infant daughter living with grandmother in very small apartment. Her baby girl needs clothes size 6 months and up. Mom and grandmother would like warm housecoats and slippers, size medium.

Family 16 This young mother has 2 boys, 6 months and 2 years. Babies need warm clothes size 2T to 3T and 6 to 8 months. They also need diapers, diaper wipes, and could use some age-appropriate toys.

Family 17 Single mom with two children. Girl age 7, size 7-8. Boy age 21/2, size 2T-3T. The children need winter clothing and would like age-appropriate toys: Barbie, Legos, truck and a Leapster video game. Mom needs long pants in size 20 and could use a vacuum.

Family 18 Three young sisters live with their parents. They need long-sleeved shirts and shoes. Girl age 17 months wears size 24 months, shoe 6; girl age 21/2 wears size 3T; girl age 4 wears size 6 and shoe 11-12. They could also use blankets, hats and scarves. They would like activity and adventure toys, dolls, moon sand, and paints for art activities.

Evergreen Vista/Mercy Housing

Evergreen Vista Apartments is the Olympia-based property of Intercommunity Mercy Housing, whose mission is to create and strengthen healthy communities through the provision of quality, affordable, service-enriched housing for individuals and families who are economically poor. A special emphasis is placed on children’s educational support services.

Contact Evergreen Vista, through Paul Grudis, 1209 Fern St. S.W., Olympia, WA 98502. Call 360-352-1315, or e-mail


DVD movies for our free lending library.

A sewing machine that is in good working order.

Used musical instruments that can be loaned at no charge for children to play in school band or orchestra.

Tickets to concerts and sporting events to provide field trips for children who do well in school.

Other incentives and rewards that can be given to children who turn in homework at school regularly.

Certificates for restaurant meals for children.

Gift cards for groceries or gasoline that can be given to families in time of need throughout 2010.

New Christmas presents especially for teenage girls and boys.

Healthy snacks such as milk, yogurt, string cheese, fruits and vegetables, for Homework Club.

Housewares pots and pans, dishes, serving utensils, sheets, towels, clocks, and telephones for Carolyn’s Closet (helping families who were homeless).


Teach arts & crafts to children.

Teach choral or instrumental music.

Tutor/mentor children in the after-school program.

Assist with special events such as Thanksgiving dinner, awards banquet and Halloween party.

Family Education and Support Services

Parents as Teachers and Kinship Families

Family Education and Support Services is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) agency governed by a volunteer board of directors representing the diverse sectors of the populations we serve. Our mission is “to inspire healthy child development through the provision of family support services.” We believe that strong families begin at home, and building strong families helps to create a thriving community. We support families by offering a variety of parent education and support programs. Last year, more than 2,500 adults and 500 children were served through our organization.

The families highlighted below are those from our Parents as Teachers and Kinship Support programs. Your support will provide holiday cheer for families living in Thurston, Mason and Lewis counties. We can also use gift cards from Target, Wal-Mart or grocery stores and diapers and other baby items; and cash (checks should be made out to Family Education and Support Services). For additional information, or if you would like to adopt a family, please call 360-754-7629 and ask for Deb or Linda.

Mom is expecting a baby Dec. 20 and father of baby is deployed to Iraq. Family needs crib and mattress or gift cards for necessary baby and household items.

Family of two children, a boy age 27 months and baby girl age 11 months. Father is unemployed at this time. Family needs diapers, size 4 and 5, and diaper wipes. Other needs include toilet paper and laundry soap.

Young family with 4-month-old baby boy and 3-year-old little girl Need household goods, laundry soap, toilet paper and dish soap.

Single mom with 20-month-old boy. Mom recently had her work hours reduced. The toddler is high risk with allergies and ongoing illnesses. Need household necessities.

Homeless, single mom of 2-year-old little girl is on housing list and needs grocery and household gift cards or household supplies.

Single mom with 2-year-old daughter 2-year-old needs blankets, shoes and any toy.

Young parents of two boys ages 26 months and 6 months. The family would like a crib, swing, blankets and warm clothing. They also need household supplies.

Single mom raising two children, a 4-year-old girl and a 6-month-old baby boy. The baby boy is medically fragile, and gift cards would be helpful.

Single mom with 16-month-old girl needs safety items for baby-proofing apartment, including outlet covers and edging for around fireplace.

Young family with 15-month-old baby boy He needs pajamas and socks. Family also needs basic household items and adult shampoo.

Homeless mom with 4-year-old boy expecting a baby girl in January. She is on housing list and needs baby supplies and household necessities.

Teen parents with 3-year-old girl Father is out of work. Mother’s income is too much for DSHS benefits but not enough to buy food or extras. They would like winter clothes and socks for the 3-year-old and gift cards for household necessities.

Young family with a 5-year-old girl expecting a baby boy in January. The 5-year-old needs winter wear and would like a bike helmet or educational toys. The family needs baby things 3-9-month size, including diapers, wipes and breastfeeding supplies.

Single father raising three children two boys, ages 7 and 5, and a 2-year-old girl. The little girl likes Dora toys, and the boys like cars. They need winter clothes and household items, such as laundry detergent.

Single teen mom raising 1-year-old daughter Mom is looking for work and attending community college. Family would like educational toys, diapers and unscented wipes. Mom also needs laundry soap.

Single mom with three children two girls, ages 9 months and 4; and a boy, age 3. The 4-year-old girl likes baby dolls, and chunky books and soft toys The boy likes dinosaurs and cars. Laundry soap and grocery gift cards would also be appreciated.

Single mom with two boys ages 3 and 23 months, and a 7-year-old girl. All children need winter clothing.

Single teen parent with a 3-year-old girl She needs winter clothing.

Young family with a 11/2-year-old little girl who needs shoes and winter clothing.

Single mom with two boys ages 2 months and 20 months. Boys need winter clothing and would like educational toys.

20-year-old homeless single mom with 11-month-old baby boy. She is waiting for emergency housing. Gift cards would be best for groceries and warm clothes.

Grandmother raising her three grandchildren two girls, ages 6 and 4; and a 5-year-old boy. The 6-year-old likes to draw, the boy likes trucks and the 4-year-old likes any learning toys. All three children need winter clothing. Grocery and gas gift cards would be helpful also.

Grandmother raising two granddaughters ages 131/2 and 12. Both girls like music and would like a camera. Grandmother has limited income and would appreciate groceries and a gas card to take the children to community activities.

Grandmother raising 6-year-old grandson and caring for her 52-year-old special-needs sister. The grandson needs pajamas, pants and likes cars, trucks and Legos. Her sister would enjoy coloring books, dolls and pajamas. Gift cards for groceries would also be helpful.

Grandmother raising two grandchildren while their parents are incarcerated. The grandchildren are a boy, age 2, and a girl, age 6. She also has two children of her own – a boy, age 13, and a girl, age 7. Very limited income and would appreciate a grocery gift card. The children need winter clothes.

Homeless young family with 2-year-old boy. He needs a winter coat and warm clothes. They are living with a friend while searching for housing.

Grandparents raising their grandson age 10 months. He needs one-piece pajamas and push toys. They would also appreciate gift cards for groceries and gas.

Low-income family of five with three boys, ages 29 months, 4 and 7. All need warm clothes and like books, games, Spiderman and learning toys. Parents work but unable to set aside any money for holidays; any help appreciated.

Grandparents raising four grandchildren and struggling to make ends meet. Work hours cut. Grandchildren are three boys, ages 5, 8, and 12, and a granddaughter, age 14. All need winter coats; 14-year-old likes “Twilight” books, and boys like Legos, skateboards and building toys.

Young family of three with a 22-month-old girl. Father is frequently laid off and mother recently lost her job also. They need diapers and wipes and would appreciate gift cards for groceries and other basic needs.

Grandparents raising their grandchildren two boys, ages 13 and 15, and a girl, age 18. Grandfather is self-employed, and grandmother is homebound after surgery. Family struggling to find work and make ends meet. The children need jeans and like CDs.

Single mom with a 3-year-old boy He needs warm clothing and likes cars, trains and any learning toys. Mother recently regained custody of her son and needs any assistance with groceries and basic household items.

Grandmother raising 11-year-old grandson and a 28-year-old special-needs adult. Grandmother recently lost her job. Any help would be appreciated. Winter clothes are needed, and both would like a Walkman with CDs.

Holiday Connection

Holiday Connection provides gift cards to seniors, adults and families with children in need during the year-end holiday season. Gift cards are given to partner agencies such as BHR, Community Youth Services, Senior Services, and the YMCA Child Care, who in turn distribute the cards to their clients who are in the greatest of need.

Ways to support Holiday Connection:

Donate by check made out to Holiday Connection.

Donate a gift card to a grocery store or discount department store. Preferred denomination is $25.

Groups may choose to adopt a family.

Service Clubs may make a donation as a club and/or encourage individual members to donate.

Since administrative expenses are covered by partner agency payments, 100 percent of all donations go to help people.

For more information, contact Paul Grudis, Convener, Holiday Connection, P.O. Box 12891, Olympia, WA 98508-2891. Call 360-352-1315, or e-mail

Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging

Information and Assistance/Case Management, a program of the Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging provides information on and assistance with accessing a wide variety of social and health services helping vulnerable adults who struggle to remain in their homes. Most of our clients are very low income and have severe impairments affecting their ability to perform basic day-to-day activities. Many have substantial needs that go beyond services available through community resources.

In addition to these needs listed below, the Area Agency on Aging maintains a Special Assistance Fund that helps these adults year-round with basics such as food certificates, utility bills and medications in emergency situations. Please call before you purchase items, to ensure that the specific need hasn’t been met. If the individual has already been helped, we can provide details regarding other clients, not on this list, and their specific holiday wishes.

To make a tax-deductible donation to one of these families or to the general Special Assistance Fund, call June at 360-664-3162, Ext. 133, in Thurston County, or Merridee at 360-427-2225, Ext. 11, in Mason County. Again, we thank the community for the generous support in the past, which has made the holiday season brighter and touched the lives of our clients all year long.


Family 1 This is an 84-year-old woman with a low, fixed income. Her only family is her stepdaughter, who is her caregiver. This lady struggles with many physical health challenges including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. She and her stepdaughter ask for nothing for themselves, but would appreciate some Pedigree Small Dog food for their beloved dog, Miss Piggy.

Family 2 Elderly woman, living alone, dealing on a daily basis with chronic fatigue. Her main source of heat has been wood, but her stovepipe was recently found to be unsafe. In order to stay warm this winter, she asks for a donation toward her Puget Sound Energy account or assistance in replacing her stovepipe.

Family 3 This client has an ulcerated esophagus, stomach ulcers and gastroparesis, which prohibit her from absorbing proper nutrients from food. Additionally, she has no appetite because of the pain caused by eating. The combination of these factors has resulted in low body weight and malnutrition. Her doctor has prescribed four cans of Ensure daily, but with recent cutbacks, this item is no longer covered by insurance. She would appreciate as many cans of vanilla Ensure as possible, because when this supply runs out, she’ll be unable to purchase more on her limited income.

family 4 A 68-year-old, low-income gentleman facing numerous physical and mental health battles, including diabetes. He is unable to afford the diabetic socks which would help to increase the circulation in his feet. He’s requesting diabetic socks, size 12-15.

family 5 A 67-year-old man living alone, limited in his ability to get out and about due to many physical health issues. His only request this season is for a Marine Corps Band harmonica so that he can enjoy playing some “old-time songs.”

family 6 This 43-year-old woman has a variety of health problems preventing her from working or managing her activities of daily living independently. She is the single parent of a 13-year-old boy. She asks for a gift certificate for a family restaurant such as Denny’s or IHOP so she can take her son out for a special dinner.

family 7 This elderly, low-income gentleman has a history of heart surgery and is battling cancer and managing his diabetes. He lives alone with no family in the area. His sister lives in North Carolina, and he has other relatives in Tacoma. He’s requesting a long-distance phone card to help him keep in touch and a Fred Meyer gift certificate which will allow him to purchase diabetic supplies that are not covered by insurance.

family 8 An elderly woman suffering from COPD and diabetes who lost most of her clothes during a recent move is requesting size XL warm clothes for the winter. She’d love a black coat with a hood, a black cardigan sweater and some pastel sweatshirts.

family 9 This client is a woman who remains active and involved in the community despite cerebral palsy, asthma and congestive heart failure. She is requesting vitamin C (1000 mg), a gift card for Safeway, Target, or Catherine’s women’s wear.

family 10 This gentleman with significant cognitive impairment is unable to manage his care needs independently, though he does enjoy daily walks around his neighborhood in his comfortable bib overalls. He lives on a very limited income and requests 3 pairs of engineer-striped Key Imperial bib overalls, size 46W X 30L.

family 11 A 65-year-old woman living alone, far from family. One of her many health challenges is COPD, requiring the use of oxygen 24 hours a day. Her faithful companion is her beloved Yorkshire terrier who brings joy to this client’s life. She requests Gold Bond lotion for herself and Cesar Canine Cuisine (in the square can) original pté type for her little Sadie.

family 12 This 33-year-old man has had a severe seizure disorder since birth and is singlehandedly raising his three young children. They live on a limited income, and he could use help in providing gifts for his children. He requests clothing, educational toys or books for his 9-year-old son, 8-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son.

family 13 This low-income lady has developmental disabilities but tries to lives as independently as possible with minimal assistance from a caregiver. She is allergic to dust and mold and is requesting a humidifier to relieve symptoms. She likes to write stories and poems and is requesting a used computer and printer and a vacuum cleaner, as her caregiver has had to use a broom to sweep the carpet.

family 14 This woman is no longer able to walk due to multiple sclerosis. She has two sons, age 15 and 17, and is new to this area. She requests a combination lock box to keep her medications safe and available and gift cards for clothing and shoes for her sons.

family 15 Client is an elderly woman with debilitating arthritis and chronic pain. She lives alone on a very low, fixed income. She would benefit greatly this season from some gift cards to provide needed items for her disabled daughter, son-in-law and two young grandchildren.


Family 1 A 56-year-old Shelton woman, living with cancer, resides with her spouse, children and a large extended family. She would love to be able to give her grandchildren toys for the holidays. She has 4 boys – ages 1-5 years old – and 6 girls, ranging from 3-7 years. Also, she would appreciate food baskets and gift cards to Fred Meyer or Walmart.

family 2 Widow, age 67 years young, is diagnosed with COPD, diabetes and depression. She is still grieving the loss of her husband but is always looking out for others and feels many are more deserving than her. She would appreciate wood pellets for her stove, full-size blankets and size 16 ladies’ pants.

family 3 63-year-old former Navy nurse lives in subsidized senior housing. She suffers from obesity, diabetes, neuropathy and cataplexy with narcolepsy. She wants to lose weight and would benefit from a new slow cooker and Weight Watchers cookbooks.

family 4 A woman who is legally blind due to meningitis recently moved into her own apartment for the first time. She also suffers from chronic bronchitis, asthma, anxiety disorder and a seizure disorder. She could benefit from gift cards to Wal-Mart to purchase household items for her new home. She also likes to spend time on her couch in her pajamas and would appreciate new pajamas (size large) and warm blankets.

family 5 This client is a 54-year-old woman who has epilepsy, anxiety disorder, depression and osteoarthritis. She resides with her mother, sister and 14-year-old nephew. She is unable to work due to illness, and her sister recently lost her state assistance, so income is extremely limited. The family uses all their income on bills, so have nothing left to buy for the 14-year-old. He loves to play basketball and could use a new basketball, size 13 tennis shoes and XXL men’s shirts.

family 6 A 26-year-old woman suffers from schizophrenia, narcolepsy with cataplexy, depression and obesity. She enjoys art, as it helps her focus on something positive instead of her physical/mental limitations. She enjoys clay work, making dream catchers and drawing with oil pastels and pencil. She would benefit from some new professional art supplies. Many have observed her artwork, and she is very talented. She has been encouraged to try to display her work at local venues.

family 7 A 38-year-old woman, living with her 15-year-old daughter, has severe lung disease and heart disease as well as diabetes, obesity and arthritis. She was recently diagnosed with kidney failure and must soon go on dialysis. She is unable to care for herself and her daughter. She would like a new vacuum cleaner and size 50-52 stretch pants.

family 8 87-year-old Elma-area man lives with his spouse. He is very proud and does not ask for anything. He has heart issues which limit his activity. They would love some cotton blankets that he and his wife could use as throws while they sit in their chairs.

family 9 Delightful 70-year-old man with severe hearing impairment, heart disease and PTSD lives alone in a small apartment in Shelton. He would really appreciate a gift card to Wal-Mart so he can shop there.

family 10 Very active 47-year -old quadriplegic due to a traumatic brain injury gets all around in a motorized wheelchair. He lives on a very limited income and is alone most of the time. He shops at Wal-Mart for the best deals. He could really use a Wal-Mart gift card to buy some new boots to keep his feet warm and dry this winter.


Since 1981, SafePlace advocates have offered safety and support to survivors of both sexual assault and domestic violence. Their work makes it possible for thousands of individuals to begin the healing process. SafePlace’s mission is to strive to put an end to sexual and domestic violence and advocate for personal and societal change through crisis intervention and education.

SafePlace provides life-changing services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, including emergency confidential shelter; residential children’s program and support group child care; 24-hour crisis line; in-person advocacy; community support groups in Spanish and English; information and referrals for other community services; client assistance funds; legal advocacy; support during and after a sexual assault exam; culturally-relevant advocacy for underserved populations; and in-house Cambodian and Spanish translation.

For additional information on donating to SafePlace, and its clients, call Charlotte, 360-786-8754, Ext. 100. Donations can be brought to the buisiness office, 314 Legion Way S.E., Olympia. Office hours are 9 a.m. to noon and 1-5 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays. Log on to

Safeplace holiday wish list

Gas cards in $20-$25 increments for families having a car and needing to escape the local community for their own physical safety.

Food cards McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, Subway in $5-$10 increments for families staying at a motel for the night before they get into our shelter or farther on their way to safety.

Fred Meyer or Safeway Grocery and department store gift cards in $10-$20 increments for diapers, emergency food and clothing.

Intercity Transit Daily bus passes allow shelter residents without cars to go to medical or housing appointments or look for work.

phone cards 30, 60, or 120 minutes for long-distance calls to family out of town.

Costco, home depot or Lowe’s gift cards for shelter, food or maintenance.

target, fred meyer, Toys “R” Us, Wind Up Here gift cards for children’s programs.

Ongoing necessities including toilet paper, paper towels, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, black trash bags.

Yelm Community Services

Yelm Community Services provides assistance to low-income families in the Yelm area. Some of the services we offer include a food bank, shelter, energy assistance, rental assistance, clothing bank and First Steps program. We assist people throughout the year and appreciate all donations that are made. During this holiday season we are helping families with children ages 0-18 years.

If you would like to donate to one of the families listed below, please call 360-458-7000.

Family 1 A single mom with a 5-year-old girl. Mother says young girl could use some warm clothing for this winter season. Girl wears size 8 in shirts, underwear, dresses, 6-7 pants, coat size 10 and shoe size 131/2-1, socks 4-10.

Family 2 A young family that has struggled recently, mother works and father is having a hard time finding a job. They could use help with food, gifts, and clothing size 7-8 for their child. They have a 7-year-old boy, who likes to read and play with learning toys. He enjoys any superheroes, and the parents could use help with gas for transportation.

Family 3 A senior woman living in a low-income apartment could use help with food that is easy to warm up. She could also use twin-bedding sheets and a waterproof cover if possible, warm socks, fluffy house slippers and robe. She also likes to watch movies and tackle puzzle books.

Family 4 A couple that is residing in an emergency shelter needs warm clothing because they walk majority of the time. Pants for the wife size 15-16 and husband 34-36; gloves, hats, scarfs could be helpful for the cold season and maybe help with bus passes, which they use as a source of transportation.

Family 5 An older woman who takes care of three grandchildren, whose ages range from 7-13, could use some food, board games, warm blankets, soup bowls and cups as well as some laundry soap products. She also enjoys making crafts.

Family 6 This family is a single mother with a deaf child, age 12. He enjoys books, outdoor sports, camping and fishing. He could use some boots size 10 in men’s and sweatpants size 34x30. The mother could use help with food for her and her son.

Family 7 A single father of two children, girl age 5 and boy age 10. Not getting much income and needing to get help with food and clothing for the children. Girl wears sizes 6-7 in clothing, and the boy wears sizes 10-12.

Family 8 A disabled older woman could use warm socks and house slippers to keep her warm. She could also use some bandage wrappings for her legs. Crafts has been one of her hobbies for a while and watching Western movies.