Snowzilla: On a smaller scale

For the past three years, a giant snowman named Snowzilla has magically appeared in the front yard in a residential neighborhood in Anchorage, Alaska. It has grown each year from a 16-foot-tall youngster in 2005 when it first appeared, to an impressive 25 feet in height last year.

Billy Powers, the father of seven children, claims to know nothing about the mysterious creature in his yard, but reports say his children are the giant’s creators, collecting snow from neighbors’ yards to build the snowman.

In 2008, city officials called Snowzilla a public nuisance due to a complaint from a neighbor because of increased traffic on the street from visitors.

Two of Powers’ sons reportedly recovered a football-sized heart from the melting snow in the spring of 2007 and kept it in a freezer until last winter.

“It is the heart and the magic that has made our sculpted snowman so special and seem so alive,” writes Dakota Powers, Billy’s daughter, on the snowman’s Web site.

Snowzilla’s trouble with the law became news last year when his story appeared in newspapers across the country. Since then, Snowzilla has become larger than life with his own Facebook and MySpace pages.

To see photos of Snowzilla, visit the Web site at

There is no word on whether Snowzilla will return this year, so I made a snowman wall hanging in his honor using a plain wooden cutout by Darice I found in a local craft store. Use these directions to paint and decorate the snowman.


One wooden snowman cutout.

Wooden cutouts of “J”, “O” and “Y.”

Acrylic paint in Christmas red, green, orange and white.


Black Scribbles 3-dimensional paint.

Red and gold glitter.

Twinkle snow writer.

Textured snow.

White glue.

Cover your work surface with newspapers.

Paint the letters “J” and “Y” green and let dry. Paint the hat and the letter “O” red and the holly leaves on the hat green. Paint the face white and the nose orange.

When everything is dry, brush a layer of glue on the red portion of the hat. While the glue is wet, pour red glitter on the glue. Let dry. When dry, turn the snowman on its side to shake off loose glitter.

Follow the same instructions to put gold glitter on the trim on the hat. Let dry.

Brush glue onto the white portions of the face and use a craft stick to apply a layer of textured snow to the face.

Use black Scribbles paint to fill in the mouth and eyes.

Use twinkle snow writer to dab on snowflakes on the letters and white berries on the leaves.

Let dry completely before you move.

Use string or ribbon to hang the four cutouts with the snowman on top and “JOY” hanging below it. If you have a drill with a very small bit you can make holes. Otherwise, tie or glue the string/ribbon to the four pieces.