More clamming dates set

Because of bad weather during the New Year's dig, razor clam diggers will get another chance to hit the beach for a five-day opening scheduled to start Jan. 27.

If marine toxin tests show clams are safe to eat, Long Beach and Twin Harbors will be open on evening tides Jan. 27-31. Digs also are planned at Copalis and Mocrocks beaches Jan. 29-31. In addition, Olympic National Park has scheduled a two-day dig Jan. 30-31 at Kalaloch beach to coincide with those at the other beaches.

Digging at all five beaches will be restricted to the hours between noon and midnight.

“With the rough weather we had during the last opener, digging dropped off significantly as people played it safe,” Dan Ayres, state coastal shellfish manager, said in a prepared statement. “On the plus side, there are likely enough clams remaining in the quota to offer more digs later.”

In addition, the state Department of Fish and Wildlife has tentatively scheduled a late-February dig: Feb. 26 at Twin Harbors, Copalis and Mocrocks; Feb. 27 at Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, Mocrocks and Kalaloch; and Feb. 28 at Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, Mocrocks and Kalaloch.

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