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Get cleaning with products

If you're trying to make a clean sweep, here are three ways to get your digs fresh and clean:

OneSweep Broom

What we like: OneSweep can be used on wet or dry floors, indoors or out, and its polymer "bristles" are tough enough to scrub the floor better than a mop.

The downside: OneSweep also is meant to be dragged across carpet to gather up pet hair, but in our test it didn't pick up as well as a vacuum.

Cost: $10 at Linens 'n Things

Irobot Roomba Scheduler

What we like: Just set the scheduler; at the appointed time, Roomba will vacuum for up to two hours, and then return to its base to recharge. We were impressed with its suction and its ability to detect and then spend more time on especially dirty spots.

The downside: It isn't as thorough as a regular vacuum. It also missed a lot of corners, even with its special brush that juts out to sweep edges and angles.

Cost: $330 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Onda Broom and Dustpan

What we like: The dustpan handle is 3 feet long, so no bending over to sweep up debris. Microfiber bristles do a great job.

The downside: The only downside might be that it's pricier than the average broom.

Cost: $40 at The Container Store