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Quick Shine back fast with answer to dirt

Two years ago, we had our floors refinished, and they were beautiful. Several months ago, however, we hired a cleaner who used a product that essentially ruined the floors. The cleaner didn't sweep before applying the product, Quick Shine, and thus dust, dirt, and dog hair have been embedded in the floor. We can't find anything to fix this. Is there a product we can use to remove the Quick Shine? I hate the idea of having the floors refinished again. Not only is it costly and a pain to move out, but we just had a baby, and I won't expose her to the fumes that seemed to have taken forever to dissipate after the polyurethane dried.

I asked the people who make Quick Shine products, Holloway House of Fortville, Ind., for help with your problem, and they had an answer to me in the time it took to commute from my house to the office.

Quick Shine Deep Cleaner was specifically developed to remove Quick Shine Floor Finish and imperfections such as trapped pet hair, dust, scuffing, and ground-in dirt without harming hardwood floors or their polyurethane seal or any other type of floor surface, says tech guy Steve.

Dilute the Deep Cleaner in hot water and apply it to the floor. Let it stand a few minutes, then agitate with a rough-sided sponge or an agitator mop pad.

Do small sections of the floor at a time.

For heavy buildup, you may need to use fine steel wool and a second treatment. Also, increase the dilution of 1 cup per gallon to 3 cups, Steve says.

Deep Cleaner is concentrated; it makes three gallons, which should be enough for 500 square feet of floor. Remove debris and buildup from the area with a clear-water rinse. Do not flood the floor with water, but rinse it thoroughly but carefully with a damp cloth or a light clear-water rinse with a damp mop.

Quick Shine Deep Cleaner is available at www.quickshine.net or by calling the customer service center at 1-800-255-1891.