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Tap your creativity for eye-catching jewelry storage

When it comes to storing costume jewelry, think outside the box.

Charming chunky, beaded necklaces and bracelets are en vogue and relatively inexpensive. However, they quickly become twisted and tangled in classic jewelry boxes. And when the baubles burst, your cheap-chic jewelry suddenly becomes more of an investment involving routine visits to jewelry repair shops.

Although there’s no shortage of attractive cocktail rings and cuffs out there, good storage solutions are scarce. Furniture-sized jewelry armoires? Too big for many of us. Drawer inserts? Typically not the right dimensions for today’s trinkets.

Here is a host of display-worthy options.


Vintage cups and saucers are darling, but we don’t use them nearly enough to share tea with our friends. Sisters Betsy Blodgett and Emily Blodgett-Panos, owners of Bon Bon Atelier in Kansas City, fill cups and saucers with uncooked rice to display cocktail rings. Each cup holds about three, and they look lovely on a nightstand.

Cup and saucer, $15, Bon Bon Atelier, www.bonbonatelier.com


Earrings can get lost in the shuffle. But earring trees aren’t that pretty, and jewelry boxes that contain holes for earring backs are useless for dangling earrings. Blodgett says you can make your own earring storage by buying window screening from the hardware store and edging it with whatever material you want. Blodgett’s choice: pom-pom fringe.

Scalloped Wall Jewelry Rack, $18, Urban Outfitters, www.urbanoutfitters.com


Thick, statement necklaces can hang from wall hooks, but sometimes the stress causes the string to break. Another option is placing necklaces around the neck of a classic bust. It’s useful because it places your beads front and center so they’re easy to see. You can find busts in antique and architectural salvage stores.

Ceramic bust jewelry stand, $29.99, Urban Outfitters


Ceramic glove molds look stylish with or without jewelry. These hands — straight from the factory — can hold bracelets and wear rings.

Light blue porcelain hand, available in white and different sizes, $24.95, Fishs Eddy, www.fishseddy.com