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New home for owl - if he wants it

It all started with a sound in the middle of the crisp fall night.

Who ... Who ... Who-Who.

Our windows were open, and my husband and I sat up in bed. Could that be an owl? Then, we heard it again.

My husband grabbed the laptop and began researching the sound. Admittedly, I fell back asleep. But in the morning, he informed me that he had identified our late-night visitor: a barred owl with its distinct “who cooks for you” hoot.

We heard our little friend several more nights.

Then, one day, I came home to find my husband had gone online to find blueprints for an owl house (find them at tiny.cc/WXJsu). Then he went to Home Depot and bought everything he needed to build one (which cost $70 compared with $126 to buy one at cove side.com). It was built and mounted to the tree. Then came the waiting. We didn’t hear the owl anymore. Didn’t he (or she) know we had a nice home waiting? One day, just before Christmas, I saw movement in the box. Alas, a couple of squirrels poked their heads out. My husband assures me that if an owl wants the box, he’ll just kick the squirrels out (and possibly eat them).

I am still hoping, waiting, for my little barred owl to return.