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9 tips for decorating any space this holiday season

Festive decorating for the holidays is a must to make your home warm and welcoming. eHow.com has tips and ideas on how to liven up your living spaces.


1. Fireplaces are for more than warming up cold toes. Decorate the mantle’s ledge with candles that vary in height and circumference. Add accents such as in-season berry vines or leaf vines.

2. Don’t let the cold keep you from going outside and decorating the front of your house. Hang garlands wrapped with holiday lights around the door frame. This will work for both daytime and nighttime decorating. When the lights are off, the door is still decorated with the garland.

3. Holiday cards are often beautiful works of art and provide free decoration. Staple your favorite cards to a ribbon to hang on a wall or going up a staircase handrail.


4. Choose a variety of colors and decorations to celebrate all of the holidays this season. Neutral colors, such as gold and silver, look great with jewel tones. Ornaments in various colors can be found at any store that sells decorations.

5. Swap out your framed photos for holiday-themed pictures, such as children sitting on Santa’s lap, your dog wearing antlers, or your family at last year’s holiday celebration. Don’t forget to change your computer background to your favorite winter scene.

6. Create a faux fireplace on the cubicle wall and hang stockings for everyone in the office. Throughout the season, people can add little stocking stuffers for their co-workers.


7. Since apartments are often tight on floor space, don’t forget to use the ceiling. String white indoor lights along the perimeter of the room where the wall and the ceiling meet.

8. Scented candles with winter-themed scents can warm up any room. These are especially great if you don’t have room for a tree or are a city-dweller who misses the scents of nature.

9. Little touches go a long way in small spaces. Swap out your regular couch pillows for some with cheeky snowmen, ornaments, or bright stars detailed on them. Your regular pillows won’t take up too much storage room, and this is a great way to bring some holiday cheer to your everyday furnishings without taking up additional space.