Travel Q&A: Your visa may be valid after your passport expires

I am a U.S. citizen. I received a visa to visit Brazil in late 2006 for a trip to Brazil that I took in 2007. My passport has since expired, and I now have a new passport. I still have my old passport with the visa that is valid until late 2011. Can I use the visa in my old passport and bring both passports when I visit Brazil in January 2010? I have sent three e-mails to the Embassy of Brazil requesting an answer to this question and received no response. I have followed up with a letter to the Brazilian ambassador and received no response.

Normally, when your passport expires but your visa doesn’t, you can still travel with the old visa. Just bring your old passport along, in case any questions are raised at the border.

You might have more luck with this e-mail address:

Here are two helpful sites. The embassy Web site: and the State Department site on Brazil, which contains useful information about visas:

In mid-November, my brother and I are going to Egypt for 3 weeks – Cairo, Luxor, Nile River Cruise plus Aman and Petra. Mine is a clothes question. How chilly will it get in the evening? Also, what is considered inappropriate attire for women because of local ethnic & religious customs? I’m a 71-year-old widow so obviously we aren’t talking bare midriffs. But are slacks OK? Sleeveless blouses? Sandals? If there are swimming and exercising on the ship, what can be worn? What has to be covered? In brief, what is a no-no?

Egypt definitely cools down in November. Expect it to be warm, but not too hot, during the day. It’ll cool down at night. Luxor probably will be warmer than Cairo. As for attire, I would go with conservative clothing. Pants are OK, but make sure they are not too tight. Long sleeve, loose-fitting cotton or linen shirts are the way to go. Take a jacket because the evenings will be cool. Also, don’t forget to take a headscarf with you. You don’t have to wear it on the street but women cannot enter mosques without a scarf. And wear comfortable shoes; you will be walking a lot.

Just got back from my first visit to Vegas – I was there for an event – and I hated it. It was such a fake, steal-all-your-money, cigar-smoke-filled, icky place. But I know many people love it. So my question is, what am I missing? Is there a way to have fun there if you are not a person who also enjoys lighting your cigarettes with $100 bills? I’d love to go to a show, but at $70 for the cheap seats. … OK, maybe I could afford to go to one and be entertained for a few hours, but then what?

You don’t have to gamble to appreciate the spectacle. There also are many free activities, such as CBS Television City at the MGM (you get to play critic for TV shows). Check out for cheap ideas. The shopping and dining also are top-level. And there are many natural venues nearby, such as Red Rock Canyon and the Spring Preserve. Basically, you have to go with a sense of humor, and laugh at all of the money that you still have in your wallet.