About the series

The Obesity series was written by Olympian reporter Keri Brenner.

Brenner, an Olympia resident, joined the newspaper staff last year after 5 1/2 years at a daily newspaper near San Francisco. She previously was a reporter for the Oregonian, Bay Area BusinessWoman and other media in California and Pennsylvania. Last year, Brenner won four statewide awards in public service and investigative journalism for a series on public pensions in Marin County, Calif. Brenner, an author or editor of three books on women's health and alternative medicine and a licensed acupuncturist, writes a monthly column, "Your Alternatives," for The Olympian's South Sound Living section.

Photos for this series were shot by Olympian photographers Steve Bloom and Steve Herppich. Graphics and online segments were prepared by Olympian graphic artist Alan Kenaga and online designers April Chan and Rhett Nelson.

e_SClB About

the series

T oday is the second part of The Olympian's three-part series that looks at why some people in South Sound are getting fatter, and what they're doing about it.

Published Sunday: An Epidemic with Many Causes. What's behind the rising rate of obesity in South Sound and throughout the country? Experts say environmental, social, psychological, cultural and physical factors have all contributed.

Today: Desperate Measures? The popularity of Lap-Band and laparoscopic gastric bypass surgeries has escalated dramatically in South Sound. And many young people are developing eating disorders in their effort to stay thin. How safe are those practices?

Tuesday: No Magic Pill. There's no single answer to the obesity epidemic. What works for some people is not as effective for others. South Sound residents and experts talk about the options.