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Tourism still OK after fire on Catalina

AVALON, Calif. - The fire still smoldered Saturday, but even then, the phones at Catalina Island Vacation Rentals kept ringing. Not with cancellations, but reservations.

In two weeks, Memorial Day will launch the unofficial start of peak season in Catalina, when the idyllic island crawls with boaters, campers and day trippers who pour millions into its tourism-reliant economy.

Despite the roaring flames that burned precariously close to Avalon and charred 4,200 mountainous acres, locals are predicting this year won't be any different.

New Hampshire

Ski star's cousin kills officer, then is killed

FRANCONIA - A cousin of skiing star Bode Miller fatally shot and ran over a police officer, then was killed by a

passer-by who grabbed the officer's gun, police said Saturday.

Attorney General Kelly Ayotte said Liko Kenney shot Cpl. Bruce McKay four times, then ran over him with his car after a traffic stop Friday night.

Gregory Floyd, who was driving by with his son, grabbed McKay's gun, then shot the 24-year-old Kenney when he refused to put his gun down, Ayotte said.

Floyd, a 12-year veteran of the Franconia Police Department, arrived and confronted Kenney while his son, also named Gregory Floyd, called for help using the officer's radio. Authorities have determined that his actions in shooting Kenney were justified.

The 48-year-old McKay was a 12-year veteran of the Franconia Police Department and previously had worked in Haverhill. Survivors include a daughter, Ayotte said.


Pope issues warning to drug traffickers

GUARATINGUETA - Drug traffickers will face divine justice for the scourge of illegal narcotics across Latin America, Pope Benedict XVI warned Saturday, saying that "human dignity cannot be trampled upon in this way."

Brazil and the rest of the region face dangerously high rates of drug abuse and traffickers must "reflect on the grave harm they are inflicting on countless young people and on adults from every level of society," Benedict said.

"God will call you to account for your deeds," he said before a cheering crowd of 6,000 on a sprawling lawn outside a drug treatment center founded by a Franciscan friar.


Disoriented penguin swims 3,100 miles

LIMA - A "disoriented" Magellanic penguin swam ashore on Peru's coast, about 3,100 miles north of his home in the frigid waters of southern Chile.

The penguin got lost while looking for food, Peru's National Resource Institute was quoted as saying in El Comercio newspaper Saturday.

"It seems he was disoriented and got lost in the sea due to the different ocean currents," said Wilder Canales, who heads the National Paracas Reserve in southern Peru. "In his endless search for food, he casually climbed up on our shores, something that has never happened before."