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1. Before arrest, burglary suspect was seeing double

Identical twins Clay and Christopher Parkman, both students at North Thurston High School, teamed up help catch a Tumwater man suspected of burglarizing their home on Sunset Court Northeast in Olympia in February. "The funny thing is that guy didn't know they were twins," Hye Parkman said about her sons. "He probably thought one person did it all." To read more, go to

2. Many ski areas finish with record-breaking seasons

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3. Shaun Alexander bides time

The former star running back waited for a call from an NFL team after the Seattle Seahawks released him in April.

It had only been a few years since Alexander was named the NFL's most valuable player. Yet the man who has scored more touchdowns than all but 12 people in NFL history told The Associated Press that he'd play for a minimum salary. Alexander later was signed by the Washington Redskins but played sparingly. He since has been released and is out of the NFL.

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4. Crowd destroys deputy's cruiser

A hip-hop concert in mid-February at The Evergreen State College ended in a riot in which a Thurston County sheriff's patrol car was overturned and looted. To read more, go to

5. Seahawks get help at wide receiver

In the wake of a crushing defeat and devastating injuries, Seattle Seahawks general manager Tim Ruskell went about restructuring the team's roster in early September, waiving three players and signing a badly needed wide receiver and a punter. The Seahawks released Jordan Kent and Justin Forsett to make room for the return of suspended players Rocky Bernard and Jordan Babineaux, and the team released punter Ryan Plackemeier after a poor performance in Buffalo. Seattle signed Jon Ryan to replace Plackemeier, as well as receiver Billy McMullen. To read more, go to

6. Person killed after jumping from Capitol Boulevard Bridge, being struck by car

A Tumwater man committed suicide by jumping off the Capitol Boulevard bridge over Interstate 5 on Oct. 7, becoming the fourth person to fall to his death from the 67-foot bridge in the past 10 years. Jeffrey L. Jackson, 45, was pronounced dead at the scene after jumping from the bridge about 8:21 a.m., officials said. He was struck by a passing pickup after he landed on the pavement.

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7. Worker dies at Tumwater glass plant

A 23-year-old employee died in mid-August at the Cardinal Coated Glass plant after he fell against a pane of glass and severed an artery in his neck, the coroner's office said. Christopher Benson, 23, of Lacey tripped on the plant floor about 2:30 a.m., and his neck hit the edge of a pane of glass that was coming off the line, Thurston County Coroner Gary Warnock said. The glass was lying flat. It's unclear why Benson tripped.

The glass severed Benson's left carotid artery, one of the main arteries that delivers oxygenated blood to the brain, Warnock said.

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8. Couple killed in crash were on first ride on new cycle

Tammi Small, 44, and Roger Smith, 42, hit an Intercity Transit bus five blocks from the home of Small's sister in Olympia. Both were killed.

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9. State workers fear layoffs as Gregoire looks at trims

Well before Gov. Chris Gregoire announced job cuts as part of her proposed 2009-11 budget, state workers were concerned about how they'd be affected. As of Nov. 10, money-saving steps had included a freeze on hiring, cuts to travel and contract budgets, and a 1 percent spending reduction across the board. With the predicted savings, plus the entire rainy-day reserve account, Gregoire figured she had bridged half of the budget gap.

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10. Disillusioned former students target Ramtha

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