Lakewood councilman arrested

A Lakewood city councilman was arrested and booked into jail last month for allegedly violating a protection order that his wife filed against him.

According to a police report, Dayton “Pad” Finnigan, 66, allegedly violated the order Nov. 27 at the Lakewood post office off 100th Street Southwest. His wife, Christine Finnigan, had filed the temporary protection order against him four days earlier.

It restricts her husband “from coming near and from having any contact whatsoever” with her. On Monday, the court is scheduled to decide whether it should be extended.

After his arrest last month, Pad Finnigan was booked into the Pierce County Jail without incident and later released.

He has not been charged with a crime. Lakewood has asked Pierce County District Court to handle the case because Pad Finnigan, first elected to the Lakewood City Council in 2001 and re-elected four years later, is a city official. He didn’t run for another term this year.

Deputy prosecutor Patrick Hammond, who supervises the court’s domestic violence unit, said his office hasn’t decided whether to file charges. “I will look to see if it’s legally worth charging,” he said.

Christine Finnigan filed the 14-day restraining order against her husband Nov. 23 in Pierce County Superior Court.

She said she felt threatened by her husband following an incident two days earlier in which the door to her bedroom was demolished and removed from its hinges, according to court records.

The court granted her the temporary order.

On Nov. 23, the two were at the Lakewood post office by coincidence, according to the police report. Pad Finnigan told authorities that he bought stamps, then left the counter without talking to her.

Christine Finnigan told police that her husband then stood at the back of the room staring at her, which made her fearful and prompted her to share her concerns with the clerk.

The clerk took her behind the counter, checked her mail, grabbed a can of Mace and escorted her to her car, according to the police report. Christine Finnigan called police, who eventually showed up and arrested Pad Finnigan, who had gone back to the post office.

But Pad Finnigan told auth-orities that he walked outside after he bought stamps and realized he forgot to ask the clerk a question about passport forms.

He told police that he went back inside and waited in line to speak to the clerk who had helped him. The clerk directed him to the passport forms.

“After that he stated that he left without ever saying a word to her,” the report states.