Tumwater hires Sumner official

TUMWATER - Sumner City Administrator John Doan has been hired to replace Tumwater City Administrator Doug Baker, who is retiring at the end of this month, Tumwater and Sumner officials announced Wednesday.

Doan, who has worked various city jobs for Sumner for 18 years, will begin his new position Jan. 26, according to a news release from the City of Sumner.

Doan was deputy city administrator in the East Pierce County city before his promotion in April 2005. He replaced Andrew Neiditz, who left Sumner to become Lakewood’s city manager.

“Sumner is a very tight-knit community, and I have so enjoyed being welcomed as part of that community while having the opportunity to help Sumner shape its future,” Doan said in a statement released by Sumner.

Tumwater’s population is nearly 16,700, compared with Sumner’s 9,000. The base salary range advertised for the Tumwater job was between $120,924 and $134,364 a year. Enslow said Wednesday night that he didn’t have Doan’s current salary handy, but he thought Doan would be getting a raise by moving to Tumwater.

Baker is retiring after 16 years on the job. His last day is Dec. 31, the same day Mayor Ralph Osgood’s term expires. Osgood began serving as mayor in 1994 and will be replaced by longtime City Councilman Pete Kmet.

Under the city’s strong-mayor plan of government, the mayor is Tumwater’s chief executive officer and is the city administator’s boss. Doan will run day-to-day operations and enact policy set by the City Council. Lacey and Olympia use the council-manager plan of government, under which the city manager answers to the entire council.