Don't trust texts from 'banks,' officials warn

The Thurston County Sheriff's Office has issued a fraud alert warning people not to respond to text messages on their cell phones from someone claiming to represent a bank or credit union.

The texts are a scam used to commit identity theft, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Also according to the Sheriff’s Office:

The text might say something like “O-Bee CU Alert: Your CARD has been DEACTIVATED please contact us at 360-539-1800.”

Banks and credit unions do not send text messages or e-mails with this type of warning, said Sgt. Jim Dunn of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office. If you call the phone number listed, the person on the line will try to get your personal information and credit card number. The person then will use that information to conduct fraudulent transactions on your credit or bank card.

“Also be aware of anyone who may call you claiming to be your bank asking for your card number or PIN,” reads a news release from Dunn. No banks verify information this way, according to the release.

Dunn also warned not to trust a caller ID that shows a bank’s telephone number, because caller ID can be faked to show any number.

Dunn stated in the news release that people have lost money in their checking accounts because of this text scam.

Jeremy Pawloski: 360-754-5465