Tacoma dental office burglarized in July, patient information at risk

The dental office of Dr. Ward Morris of Tacoma was burglarized on or about July 16, 2010. The thieves broke a window, entered the office and stole a password-protected computer server containing patient information along with a computer monitor. Upon discovery of the theft, a police report was filed with the Pierce County Sheriff's Office, and ID Experts, a data breach solutions company, was retained to assist in notifying affected patients and to mitigate potential misuse of patient information.

Notification letters were sent to all affected patients via USPS mail on August 11, 2010. The personal information may have included name, address, telephone number, date of birth, Social Security number, internal patient account number, patient ledger information and limited medical history. There have been no reports indicating that the information has been misused.

In addition to notifying all affected patients, Dr. Morris is offering one year of credit monitoring. In the event of misuse of personal information, patients will receive fully-managed victim restoration and insurance reimbursement. Patients with questions regarding this incident can visit

Steps taken to prevent such events in the future include installation of a metal locking enclosure for the computer server, a security door and additional encryption technology to protect patient data.

How patients are being protected:

Dr. Morris has contracted with ID Experts, a leader in comprehensive data breach solutions, to provide a one year ID Experts FraudStopT membership. The membership will include:

- 12 months of Credit Monitoring

- Fraud Resolution Representatives

- Healthcare Identity Protection ToolkitT