Puyallup man wins one million with scratch ticket

Robert Warner.
Robert Warner.

A lucky Puyallup man won $1,000,000 with a lottery scratch ticket. Robert Warner bought the ticket at the Puyallup Food Center. He said he plans on buying a a new truck, "something with four doors."

Read the complete press release issued today:

Puyallup - Robert Warner is going to get something he’s wanted for a long time, “A new truck, something with four doors.” That’s his only specification at this point, but he has some time to think about it - the $1,000,000 he just won playing Hot Millions Scratch from Washington’s Lottery isn’t going anywhere soon.

After buying a couple Hot Millions Scratch tickets at the Puyallup Food Center, Robert went home and continued on with his day. Later he got around to scratching the first of his tickets and saw a flame icon, indicating that the ticket was a winner. “I thought it was a $20 winner,” he said. “Then I scratched under the flame and it said $1,000,000!”

He rushed to the Circle K store near his house to check the ticket. When he got there, he asked the clerk, “I think I won $1,000,000, can you check my ticket?” the clerk calmly put a smile on his face and said to Robert, “You won.”

“I didn’t think it was real,” said Robert. He told his parents and his wife soon after he found out. “My parents were excited, my mom was crying.” He said. “My wife was in shock, she couldn’t believe it.”

Robert is from Puyallup and is part owner of a trucking company. He says he’s lived there his whole life. Aside from a new truck, Robert thinks he’ll probably take a trip with his wife and invest the rest of his winnings.

Robert bought his $1,000,000 Hot Millions Scratch ticket at Puyallup Food Center at 1713 West Pioneer in Puyallup.