Spanaway man gets more than 22 years for molesting girl in Lewis-McChord woods

A 37-year-old Spanaway man was sentenced in U.S. Court in Tacoma today to more than 22 years in prison for sexual child abuse. According to court records, Jeffrey Richard Smiley had molested the seven-year-old girl multiple times including at a make-shift camp on the woods of Joint Base Lewis-McChord in July of 2009.

Read the complete press release issued by the Attorney General's Office:

JEFFREY RICHARD SMILEY, 37, of Spanaway, Washington, was sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Tacoma to 266 months in prison and lifetime supervised release for Aggravated Abuse of a Minor. As part of his plea agreement, SMILEY is also pleading guilty in Pierce County Superior Court to two counts of child molestation involving another young victim. At sentencing U.S. District Judge Ronald B. Leighton said, “These offenses are as bad as it gets. They are very disturbing. Unimaginable in many ways. The exploitation of these youngsters suggests that the defendant is dealing with demons which are far beyond his control which allow him to dehumanize children for his own pleasure. It's shocking behavior.”

According to records in the case, in July 2009, a 7-year-old girl disclosed to her mother and law enforcement that SMILEY molested her while driving her home from a gathering, and later when babysitting at her home. SMILEY allegedly threatened to leave the girl in the woods where he had molested her. The woods are part of the Fort Lewis Military Reservation. Also in July 2009, at two locations in the woods, investigators with U.S. Army Criminal Investigative Division (CID), discovered camera equipment, toys, children’s clothes, homemade dolls, mattresses and personal lubricants. At one of those locations investigators found SMILEY’s car and impounded it. In the car and at the second location investigators found photographs that included child pornography. In the car they also found computer equipment with images of child pornography. Some of the images they found were of the young victim who disclosed the abuse.

Since 2006, SMILEY was investigated three times for child molestation involving young females. Charges in one case were pending when SMILEY was arrested on the federal charge. Following his guilty pleas in state court, he will serve the state sentence concurrent with his lengthy federal sentence.

Assistant United States Attorney Bruce Miyake wrote to the court that the long sentence was the best way to protect the public. “SMILEY is an untreated sexual predator who is sexually obsessed with minor females... SMILEY presents an extreme danger to society. If he remains untreated, he will victimize another minor female. Therefore, in order to adequately protect the public a long prison sentence is needed and warranted,” Mr. Miyake wrote in his sentencing memo.

The case was investigated by the FBI, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and U.S. Army Criminal Investigative Division (CID).

The case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Bruce Miyake.