Resident shoots burglar attempting to break into home

A would-be burglar was shot Thursday while allegedly attempting to break into a home, 3512 E. McLoughlin Blvd., in the Harney Heights neighborhood.

The shooting was reported at 11:48 a.m. The white male suspect was wounded but conscious, according to a Vancouver Police spokeswoman.

He was transported to Southwest Washington Medical Center with injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening, said Kim Kapp, the police spokeswoman.

A resident at the house who allegedly shot the man was taken into custody, as was a woman apparently planning to help the alleged burglar flee in a white Toyota Prius parked nearby.

"The resident shot the burglar," Kapp said.

Two handguns were seen lying on the ground across the street from the home where the confrontation took place.

Caleb Dittmer, who lives about a block away, said one handgun belonged to his neighbor and the other to the man who was attempting to rob him.

He said the injured man was shot in the cheek. "Where your dimple would be," he said, pointing to his own face.

Dittmer said he ran into the street to find the alleged burglar lying on the ground. He said he thought the bullet might have still been lodged in his face.

"He wasn't in shock at all," Dittmer said. "He looked fine."

His neighbor, he said, told him the man "broke into his house, stole things from him, and he shot him."

Dave Gellis lives around the corner. He said he was preparing ribs for a football party when he heard police sirens.

He saw a woman dressed in a black sweater and jeans he said was "crying and screaming."

She had apparently planned to drive the suspect from the scene after the burglary was complete when the resident disrupted their getaway.

Names of the man who was shot, the person who shot him and the woman police took into custody were not immediately available.

The address is a single-family home. McLoughlin Boulevard was closed in the area and C-Tran buses were rerouted.

Kapp said daytime burglaries in Vancouver are uncommon.

"That's certainly concerning for neighbors," she said.

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