Vancouver boy, 5, located after wandering into wrong class

VANCOUVER, Wash. – A 5-year-old Vancouver, Wash., kindergarten student who wandered into the wrong classroom set off a school lockdown before he was located Monday.

Vancouver police say the boy arrived at Walnut Grove Elementary on the school bus as usual. The problem started when he played outside with some first-graders and then followed them into their classroom.

The mother of little Braiden Gonzalez realized he was missing when she arrived to pick him up from his half day of kindergarten.

Vancouver Public Schools spokeswoman Kris Stork says the boy sat at the desk of a new student in the first grade classroom - and responded to the teacher as if he was that student. District officials say he also did not respond when his name was called on the intercom system.

Stork says he was found about 1 p.m. after his photo was circulated among school staffers.