17 nabbed in drug crackdown in a Seattle neighborhood

Seventeen people were arrested in a Seattle neighborhood as part of a drug crackdown termed Operation "Safe Union." Seven of the arrests have resulted in charges being filed.

The narcotics enforcement focused on the East Union Street corridor from 20th to 25th avenues in the Central Area. These blocks were known to have a higher level of illegal activity, both during the day and nighttime according to police.

The enforcement began in April of this year and targeted street drug dealers and other offenders. The seventeen taken into custody included: two convicted murderers, two convicted rapists, three convicted robbers, one with a federal indictment, and seven on active probation with the state Department of Corrections. Two had “officer safety” alerts issued to them for assaulting police officers and one suspect reportedly had his young daughter with him during two suspected drug sales.

Community involvement was encouraged and residents and businesses often alerted police to increased drug activity in the neighborhood.