Chehalis man convicted for trying to defraud Ponzi scheme victims

A Chehalis man was convicted of nine federal felony charges Wednesday in U.S. District Court of Western Washington in Seattle, all stemming from an attempt to bamboozle Ponzi scheme victims.

Records indicate Kevin W. Williams, 45, hatched a plan in 2007 to pose as a fraud investigator looking into a $90 million Ponzi scheme based in Atlanta, GA. His step-mother was a victim of the scheme.

The out-of-work logger sought out victims and attorneys attempting to sell them bogus information only he had about where the assets were located. No one was convinced.

Williams with the help of a friend blew up his own mailbox with a homemade bomb, according to court records, and the two reported the crime to the Lewis County Sheriff's Office.

All of these efforts were in an attempt to prove he had legitimate information and wasn't trying to deceive the victims.

Alas, no one bought what Williams was selling even after he nuked his mailbox. Records show that Williams then sent threatening e-mails to get him to pay for information. No one paid.

Williams traveled to Atlanta where the trial was being held in a last-ditch effort to collect money in April 2008. He was arrested by police shortly after his arrival with guns, ammunition and explosive components in his car.

It was after Williams' arrest that a cohort admitted to law enforcement that the two had lied to police about the mailbox bomb.

Williams was convicted on all of the counts he was facing: three counts of wire fraud, extortion, possession of a firearm without a serial number, destruction of a letter box, two counts of possession of an unregistered firearm (pipe bomb and zip gun) and making a false official statement.

He faces up to 20 years in prison. Williams' sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 23.