Kennewick man arrested after alleged attack on cop

KENNEWICK - A 22-year-old Kennewick man was arrested late Sunday after trying to punch a Kennewick officer and ordering a dog to attack the cop, authorities said.

Kennewick police Officer Jason Harrington went to a home in the 2300 block of South Gum Street looking for a suspect in a prior shoplifting and burglary incident, police said.

Harrington heard a loud disturbance inside and was waiting for back-up units when Roman Solomonovich Busev walked outside.

Busev was described as "highly agitated" and happened to walk around a vehicle in the driveway to where Harrington was standing.

Harrington identified himself and asked Busev what was going on. Busev said he was fighting with his family, but everything was OK and told Harrington to leave, police said.

Busev then allegedly began to stare Harrington down, which prompted Harrington to try to detain Busev while he investigated, police said.

Busev swore at Harrington and moved toward the officer with his hands up, but Harrington was able to catch Busev's left wrist and attempt to take him to the ground, police said.

Harrington slipped on the ice and lost control of Busev, who then tried to run away, police said. Harrington grabbed Busev's shirt, but Busev slipped out of it, turned and tried to punch Harrington.

Busev ran off toward the backyard and ordered a large Boxer-type dog to attack Harrington, who was chasing after him, police said. The dog turned and charged Harrington, snapping its jaw and growling.

Harrington challenged the dog and prepared to use his Taser, but the dog stopped several feet away.

Busev apparently lost his shoes during the chase and officers weren't sure if he went back in the home or continued to run into the neighborhood. They surrounded the area and called a K-9 unit to track him.

Officer Brad Kohn and police dog Vigo found Busev hiding in a thick fir tree in the 500 block of East 23rd Avenue. Busev refused to come out, but was arrested after being bitten by Vigo, police said.

Busev was treated at Kennewick General Hospital and booked into the Benton County jail on suspicion of second-degree assault, third-degree assault, resisting arrest and obstructing an officer.

The dog was impounded by animal control officers.