Owner surrenders 5 out of 40 dogs in Enumclaw

King County authorities rescued five dogs from two Enumclaw properties Tuesday after serving search warrants for alleged animal cruelty.

Animal control officers and sheriff’s detectives served the warrants in the 39500 block of 208th Ave. SE and in the 40600 block of 212th Ave SE. The same person owns both properties.

Detectives found more than 40 dogs, 19 horses and a few feral cats.

Veterinarians assisting detectives found none of the animals was in eminent danger from malnutrition.

However, numerous dogs were locked up in dark, dirty horse stalls, and nearly all of the horses were standing in their own waste.

Detectives believe the owner was taking in unwanted horses and dogs but became overwhelmed and unable to properly care for all of them.

The owner voluntarily surrendered five dogs, but investigators did not think there was sufficient cause to take the other animals.

The owner faces fines from Animal Control for licensing violations and possible criminal charges.