Pasco man imprisoned for cocaine possession

A Pasco man was sentenced to 21/2 years in prison after being caught with more than 2 pounds of cocaine in a traffic stop last year.

Alvaro Ayala Anaya, 40, was sentenced Wednesday in Benton County Superior Court after pleading guilty Nov. 17 to possession of cocaine with intent to deliver.

Ayala Anaya was arrested Dec. 8, 2009, after he was stopped by a Washington State Patrol trooper, court documents said.

While he was searched for possible weapons, Ayala Anaya broke free and ran while digging in his pockets, documents said.

He threw a large gray brick-shaped object over a nearby concrete barrier, where officers later discovered 2.5 pounds of cocaine wrapped in plastic, documents said.

When officers confronted Ayala Anaya with the drugs, he responded, Que es? or "What's that?"