Pasco man accused of using club in robbery, held on $50,000 bail

PASCO - A 23-year-old Pasco man is being held on $50,000 bail for allegedly luring a man to a storage unit, hitting him with a club and stealing his wallet.

Jesus Salas Rubio pleaded innocent Thursday in Benton County Superior Court to one count of second-degree robbery.

His attorney, Sal Mendoza, asked for a low bail saying Salas Rubio has a long history in the Tri-Cities, extensive family in the area and was working at the time of his arrest.

Deputy Prosecutor Terry Bloor said a higher bail was appropriate for the "pretty violent" incident and noted that two witnesses were put up in a hotel recently because they were afraid of the defendant.

The witnesses claimed Salas Rubio's friends and family had confronted them and told them to call the prosecutor's office to drop the charges, Bloor said.

Judge Carrie Runge set bail at $50,000, citing Salas Rubio's prior escape conviction and the allegations in the current charge.

According to court documents, Thomas Doyle told police he was robbed Nov. 11 by Salas Rubio, who he said he knew by the street name "Memo."

Doyle said he had given Salas Rubio a ride a week earlier and later found $100 cash in his car. On Nov. 10, Salas Rubio told Doyle he might have lost money in the car, but Doyle refused to return it, documents said.

The next day, Doyle said, Lloyd King asked for a ride to his "shop" in a mini-storage lot, but once they got there, King shut the gate, trapping Doyle.

Salas Rubio then allegedly emerged from a van holding a wooden club, documents said. Doyle said Salas Rubio demanded the $100, and when Doyle said he didn't have the money, Salas Rubio reached into Doyle's car and took his wallet with his ATM card, documents said.

Doyle said Salas Rubio then hit him twice, lightly, with the club and left with King in the van.

Police contacted King, who confirmed he was at the min-storage lot with Doyle with Salas Rubio confronted him. King said Salas Rubio told him to shut the gate to trap Doyle inside.

King said after the confrontation Salas Rubio had a wallet, and he also said he heard Doyle on the phone with Salas Rubio saying, "How am I supposed to give you any money when you have my ATM card?" documents said.