Pasco woman pleads guilty after spitting on cop

A 42-year-old Pasco woman could spend up to a year in jail for spitting on an officer while being arrested in August.

Dawn Iva-Marie Murray pleaded guilty last week in Franklin County Superior Court to third-degree assault.

She is expected to be sentenced Jan. 11. She faces a standard range of four months to a year in jail, and prosecutors have said they will recommend seven months.

Pasco police arrested her Aug. 23 after they were called to the Vineyard Inn, 1800 W. Lewis St., because she was intoxicated and had been barred from the property a month earlier, court documents said.

She wasn't immediately found but about 90 minutes later, officers were called to 1712 W. Bonneville St. for a woman creating a disturbance. Officer Sean Granger recognized Murray and handcuffed her.

When she was told she was under arrest, she became extremely upset and began threatening to hurt Granger, documents said.

At the jail, Murray tried to kick Granger, and she continued to yell and threatened him. She spit at him but missed, instead hitting Corrections Officer Scott Cram on the side of his face, documents said.