Fugitive arrested after Kennewick foot chase

KENNEWICK - A wanted fugitive led police on a Christmas day foot chase in Kennewick.

Benton County sheriff deputies spotted Brian Davis strolling along Kennewick Avenue at about 11 a.m. Saturday. Davis has six outstanding felony warrants in Benton County, for offenses ranging from assault to forgery and theft, said Isaac Merkl, with the Kennewick Police Department.

When the sheriff deputies called out to Davis, he fled into an apartment at 6 N. Palouse Street and jumped out of a window.

Merkl arrived on the scene just as Davis tried to calmly walk away from the apartment complex.

Merkl gave chase, but lost sight of Davis, until a driver alerted Merkl to Davis’ location by repeatedly honking his horn.

County deputies and Kennewick police then surrounded the immediate area they knew Davis to be in and sent in an officer with a dog.

As soon as the dog picked up Davis’ scent in the air, Davis called out from a bush, afraid to be bitten by the dog, Merkl said.

Davis will be prosecuted for the six outstanding warrants as well as for a new charge of resisting arrest.