Kennewick man's gifts of pot, cash thwarted

The search of a Kennewick apartment after the resident was reportedly seen inside smoking a bong allegedly turned up about 60 grams of packaged marijuana and Christmas cards with pot attached to bows.

Wesley Wayne Smith, 57, now is charged with possession with intent to manufacture or deliver marijuana. He pleaded innocent and faces trial March 7.

Police reportedly were walking through a Cleveland Street apartment complex on Dec. 24 when they noticed Smith "inside his apartment with his drapes open smoking from a bong," court documents said. The officers approached the apartment and could smell the odor of marijuana coming from inside. The smell "grew stronger" when Smith answered their knock at the front door, documents said.

Smith reportedly was asked if he had a medical marijuana card, and he responded that he did not. He was then detained and advised of his Miranda rights, while officers applied for a search warrant.

Once inside Smith's home, they found pot packaged for sale, packaging materials, a working digital scale and "four Christmas cards with the names of intended recipients done up with bows, each bow containing a quantity of marijuana and a quantity of cash exceeding $500," court documents said.

He allegedly claimed that all of the marijuana in the home belonged to him.

Smith posted $2,500 bail.