Doctor suspended for unprofessional conduct with patient

State officials announced Thursday the four-year suspension of a Richland doctor convicted in 2009 of domestic violence and sexually assaulting a patient.

Hosain Beckmohamadi agreed to a finding by the Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery that he had committed unprofessional conduct in violation of state medical licensing laws.

On July 9, 2009, Beckmohamadi entered an Alford plea to a charge of fourth-degree assault with a sexual motivation for a Jan. 25, 2008, incident in which he allegedly groped and attempted to kiss a patient who visited his office seeking treatment for a cold.

An Alford plea means that Beckmohamadi denied committing the crime but agreed prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him.

He was sentenced to 365 days in jail with 335 days suspended. His sentence was deferred for two years with the review set for mid-2011.

Court documents from the criminal case said the victim went to the medical office of Dr. John Friedline but saw Beckmohamadi instead because Friedline was busy.

The patient is not named under a Herald policy not to identify people who report being sexually assaulted.

The victim told Kennewick police that Beckmohamadi "began the examination in the usual manner by listening to her heart and lungs and looking in her mouth and ears," court documents said.

Beckmohamadi then asked her about neck pain and had her lie down. "He massaged her neck and shoulders and then moved his hands down her back and placed both his hands on her buttocks," documents said.

When she jumped up from the exam table, Beckmohamadi tried to kiss her.

Beckmohamadi also was convicted of third-degree domestic violence assault on Sept. 24, 2009.

Beckmohamadi's wife told police that her husband was using a 7-inch knife to open a box when he threatened her with it and said "she was going to get it" if she wasn't quiet, court documents said.

He then threw the knife in the sink and grabbed his wife, hitting her several times on the chest, documents said.

She reportedly told police he had been abusing her for some time.

The suspension order from the Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery said Beckmohamadi "has engaged in counseling and has sought medical attention for his problems for several years."

His suspension lasts until Sept. 24, 2014.

The suspension can be lifted if a court sets aside the criminal convictions.

State suspends nurse

Also Thursday, state officials announced the indefinite suspension of a nurse working in Sunnyside after she failed to comply with probation conditions.

Department of Health documents show Helen Henrikson signed an agreement in November 2008 stating that she would not take a work shift within 12 hours of a previous shift and would not work different shifts within a seven-day period.

The state's Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission found that Henrikson had violated that agreement by picking up extra shifts in April and May 2009 while working at Hillcrest Manor in Sunnyside.

Henrikson had been placed on a minimum of two years of probation in 2008 and ordered to pay a $750 fine after she was charged with unprofessional conduct based on incidents that happened while she worked at nursing homes in Richland and Spokane in 2005, documents said.

The commission found that in December 2005, while working at Gardens on University in Spokane, Henrikson mistakenly connected a patient's feeding tube to a catheter instead of to a gastronomy tube, and the patient had to have surgery for a 4- to 5-centimeter pubic abscess as a result.

In October 2005, while working at Life Care Center of Richland, she failed to give to two patients the correct doses of medication at the correct times in accordance with doctors' orders.

Commission documents said Henrikson did not answer the latest charges -- filed in September -- or request a hearing.Along with the suspension, she was fined $1,000.