Lacey's odd/even water schedule begins June 1

With summer nearing, the City of Lacey is set to begin its annual odd/even watering policy to reduce consumption.

Beginning June 1, the city will implement a mandatory watering schedule that lasts through September. Watering times are determined by the last number of residents’ addresses.

Utility customers with addresses ending with an odd number can water Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays; those with addresses ending with an even number can water Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Friday is a non-watering day for everyone.

The council adopted the policy four years ago to reduce peak water demand during the summer, when daily water use tops 16 million gallons, compared with six million gallons in the winter.

The alternating water days and no watering on Fridays allow the city’s reservoirs time to recharge and not be overwhelmed, said Erin Keith, city water-resources specialist.

“On a really hot day, if everybody is using the water, we just don’t have enough water in our reservoir to do that,” she said.

The schedule helps reduce water use by an average of 2 million gallons a day during the summer months, according to the city.

Customers failing to follow the schedule could receive warnings and violation notices and eventually have their water service turned off, though Keith says that has never happened.

And while watering your lawn and plants may be a no-no on off days, other uses are acceptable.

They include outdoor potted plants and hanging baskets; plants growing inside of greenhouses (including commercial greenhouses); publicly owned athletic fields; washing cars and other vehicles.

Those with recently planted lawns and landscaped areas can apply for a temporary exemption. The city is also willing to work with people who can’t water on certain days, Keith said.

For more information, call Lacey Water Resources at 360-491-5600 or go to

Nate Hulings: 360-754-5476