South Sound development map



P22 Hampton Inn & Suites: 57,158 square-foot- hotel with indoor pool, conference room, 4301 Martin Way E.

P23 Colonial Estates Chambers Lake: senior living with 112 lots for manufactured homes, 54 apartments, 87 assisted-living units, 3711 14th Ave. S.E.

P25 West Capitol Business Park: 3603 Mud Bay Road N.W., 342,673-square-foot office park, by MPH Holdings.

P26 West Bay Park: 900 West Bay Drive N.W., phase one for new city park, by city of Olympia.

P27 Smith Lake Associates LLC: 105-lot subdivision on 48.87 acres at 5600 block of Normandy Drive.

P28 Windstar Development: 24-unit apartment building at 511 McPhee Road.

P29 Trinity Land Development LLC: 28 multifamily units on 112 lots at 3441 Mud Bay Road N.W.

P30 Sound Credit Union: new branch totaling 3,600 square feet and future restaurant on site at 3600 Martin Way E.

P31 Greenworks Development Group LLC: nine-story mixed-use building at 825 Columbia St. S.W.

P32 Port of Olympia: expansion of Swantown Marina docks at 1200 Marine Drive N.E.

P33 West Olympia Condos: 24-unit multifamily development at 447 Kaiser Road S.W.

P34 Carol Robinson: mixed-use building off Marine Drive.

P35 The Rants Group: two-story medical office building at 209 Lilly Road N.E.

P36 John Heater: paintball arena at 2921 Pacific Ave.

P37 Chesapeake Realty Advisors: new fast food restaurant and 36,000-square-foot retail building at 125 College St. S.E.

P38 American Property Development: multifamily development at 3600 block of Capital Mall Drive S.W.

P39 Kashi Management Inc.: Bella Vista restaurant at 4530 and 4583 Martin Way E.

P40 Housing Authority of Thurston County: two-story office building at 1100 12th Ave. S.E.

P41 Port of Olympia: three-story administration building at 300 block of Market Street N.E.

P42 Views on 5th Ltd.: change nine-story office building into 30 to 40 condominiums at 410 Fifth Ave. S.W.

In application process

A2 Washington Public Utility District: demolish building and rebuild 20,208-square-foot office building at 210 Union Ave. S.E.

A3 Wonderland Holdings: 293 single-family homes at the 1800 block of Kaiser Road S.W.

A4 Columbia Place : 500 block of Capitol Way N., 158,976 square foot mixed-use development, by Vine Street Investors, Arlington, Wash.

A5 Capital Heights retirement village : 341 senior living units, 3300 block of Capital Mall Drive.

A6 Sound Engineering Inc./Timothy Holderman: 52-lot subdivision at 3600 Fifth Ave. S.W.

A7 Top Food & Drug : exterior and interior remodel of store with new drive-up pharmacy window at 1313 Cooper Point Road S.W.

A8 Parametrix Inc.: 12 lots for east residential phase of Briggs Village at 4400 Henderson Blvd. S.E.

A9 South Puget Sound Community College Natural Sciences complex: three buildings totaling 66,000 square feet at 2011 Mottman Road S.W.

A10 Stephen Kim: Four-story, 20,000-square-foot office building at 1018 Capitol Way S.

Building permits issued

B1 Thurston County Courthouse offices: $300,000 for tenant remodel at 2400 Evergreen Park Drive S.W.

B2 Capstone Homes Inc.: Grass Lake Village subdivision, five homes at 505 Yauger Way N.W.

B5 Sisters of Providence: $567,500 commercial remodel at 413 Lilly Road N.E.

B6 Capital Christian Center: commercial remodel, $22,900 and $16,466 at 4431 Martin Way E.

B12 Thomas Ash o f Anaheim, Calif.: $3,000 remodel of Alley Cat, at 2405 Harrison Ave. N.W., No. 202

B13 Sisters of Providence: $643,000 remodel of clinic at 525 Lilly Road N.E.

B22 Red Hawk Group: $1,401,196 for four office buildings from 315 to 405 Cooper Point Road N.W.

B23 Basin Investment of Yakima: $170,000 for remodel of Pizza Hut at 205 Kenyon St. N.W.

B26 Washington state Department of General Administration: $250,000 for state patrol tenant improvements at 210 11th Ave. S.W.

B28 Advantage Dental Center: $206,000 for remodel at 3910 Martin Way E.

B29 M-Five Limited Partnership: $400,000 for construction of used car dealership at 2104 Carriage Drive S.W.

B30 Washington State Employees Credit Union: $220,000 for tenant remodel of building at 400 Union Ave. S.E.

B32 Vine Street Associates: $750,000 for tenant remodel of Veterans Affairs building at 1102 Quince St. S.E. Bldg. No. 3.

B33 Sisters of Providence of WA: $1,216,000 for tenant remodel of building at 413 Lilly Road N.E.

B34 Catholic Community Services: $1.2 million for Devoe housing "B" with dormitories, frat houses and clubs with beds at 604 Devoe St. S.E.

B35 Catholic Community Services: $1.6 million for Devoe housing "A" with multifamily units at 606 Devoe St. S.E.

B36 Kelvin Properties LLC: $900,000 for retail and restaurant development at 4239 Martin Way E.

B39 Vine Street Associates: $840,000 for office, conference room remodel at 1300 Quince St. S.E. Bldg. No. 4.

B40 Napa Auto Parts: 1319 Fones Road S.E.

B41 Van Quathen Office Park: $313,100 for offices at 1651 Cooper Point Road S.W.

B42 Devoe Housing LLC: $1.6 million for multifamily housing at 606 Devoe St. S.E.

B43 TKJC LLC: $1.4 million for professional offices at 703 Lilly Road N.E.

B44 Olympia School District: $5.2 million for addition to Pioneer Elementary School at 1655 Carlyon Ave. S.E.

B45 Capital Mall Land LLC: $1.3 million for fitness center at 621 Black Lake Blvd.

B46 Olympia Mall Co.: $9 million for theater expansion at 625 Black Lake Blvd.

B47 Washington Public Utility District: $3.6 million for office building at 212 Union Ave. S.E.

B48 Mojito Bay restaurant: 625 Black Lake Blvd., $335,000.



P15 North Thurston Life Center: 3000 Marvin Road N.E., 9,000-square-foot church building

P44 Steve Wilson: seven new office buildings at 4550 Corporate Drive S.E.

P45 Kentucky Fried Chicken: exploring location at corner of Martin Way and Galaxy Drive N.E.

P47 Kirkbride Group: professional offices and condominiums at Carpenter Road Northeast and Interstate 5.

P49 Schnitzer Northwest: industrial warehouse at 3301 Hogum Bay Road.

P50 Washington Department of Transportation: Olympic Regional headquarters, Marvin Road and 32nd Avenue Northeast.

P51 Miravest Inc.: retail and residential development at Interstate 5 and Marvin Road.

P52 Opus N.W.: warehouse buildings at 3145 Hogum Bay Road N.E.

P53 Kohl's department store: remodel Mervyns at 651 Sleater-Kinney Road S.E.

P55 Teusch Partners: industrial park at 4040 Marvin Road N.E.

P57 Joseph Veltri: restaurant/bar & grill at 920 Bowker Street S.E.

P58 Jean Carr: commercial, retail development at northwest corner of Marvin Road Northeast and Britton Parkway.

P59 Fairfield Hotel: 107 rooms at Britton Parkway and Marvin Road.

P60 Providence St. Peter Hospital: a mental health facility at 4800 College St. S.E.

P61 Oki Golf Corp.: a clubhouse at 4550 Meriwood Drive N.E.

P62 Mel Milton: 40-unit townhome development on Sleater-Kinney Road Northeast.

P63 BCRA: 34,000-square-foot retail development, northeast corner of Martin Way East and Galaxy Drive Northeast.

P64 Saint Martin's University: 138-unit student housing, 5300 Pacific Ave. S.E.

P65 City of Lacey: water treatment facility, 4040 Marvin Road N.E.

P66 Kaufmann Brothers: two retail buildings, 6127 Martin Way E.

P67 1419 Marvin Road N.E.: 5,000-square foot bank

In application process

A5 Mountain West Senior Housing: 4528 Intelco Loop S.E., assisted-living facility

A7 South Sound Partners: 673 Woodland Square Loop, four-story office building

A8 Hall Equities: Britton Parkway, 229-lot subdivision

Building permits issued

B33 Banks, professional offices for $388,362 at 3663 College St. N.W.

B34 Venture Bank: $329,115 for a new office building at 8308 Quinault Drive N.E.

B35 Saint Martin's Abbey: $315,440 for education buildings at 5300 Pacific Ave. S.E.

B36 North Thurston school district: $14,530,621 for new construction at 6120 Mullen Road S.E.

B37 Holiday Inn Express: $3.5 million for a facility at 4460 Third Ave. S.E.

B38 Panattoni Construction Co.: $1.47 million for 36,012 square feet of commercial, industrial space at 8665 Commerce Place N.E.

B39 Panattoni Construction Co.: $785,120 for 10,000 square feet of professional office space at 8735 Commerce Place N.E.

B40 Panattoni Construction Co.: $3.3 million for 81,265 square feet of commercial and industrial space at 8721 Commerce Place N.E.

B41 Dakota Apartments: 156 units at the southeast corner of Pacific and Carpenter Road.

B42 Boys/Girls Club: $300,000 addition at 1105 Tracey Lane S.E.

B43 Ti Furniture: $150,000 addition at 8221 Martin Way E.

B44Puerto Vallarta restaurant: 7,000-square-foot restaurant at 1400 Galaxy Drive N.E.,

B45 Addition to River Ridge Apartments: 100 River Ridge Drive

B46 O Bee Credit Union: foundation, $100,000, at 8665 Martin Way E.


Development review

The city's review phases include feasibility, preliminary and formal review.

P19 Capital Valley View LLC: portion of lodge for catering business, 4015 Tumwater Valley Drive S.E., formal

P20 Pints & Quarts: sports pub at 5310 Capitol Blvd. S.E., feasibility

P21 Century Development Group: 168-lot subdivision at 2122 93rd, 8915, 8921, 8923 Old Highway 99 S.E., feasibility

P22 Jagroop Singh: residential subdivision of 13 lots at 2305 Chapparel Drive S.W., feasibility

P23 Peppin & Unger Development LLC: mixed-use apartment, townhome and commercial development at intersection of Crosby and Barnes, feasibility

P24 Trosper Housing LLC: 120-unit apartment development at 1840 54th Ave. S.W., feasibility (now a preliminary)

P25 Todd Hansen, Kenosha Leasing Program: convenience store with McDonald's and Subway restaurants; fuel service at 2430 93rd Avenue S.E., preliminary

P27 DaPaul Inc., Triway Enterprises: subdivide 45.7 acres into 12 industrial lots at 2311 93rd Ave. S.W., feasibility

P28 Tumwater Investment Group, Triway Enterprises: commercial/retail development on about 26 acres at Israel Road and Interstate 5, feasibility

P29 Capital Contracting Inc.: addition of a shop attached to an existing building and construction of four mini-storage structures totaling 13,850 square feet at 5020 Joppa St., feasibility

P43 Alan Kirshner: development of property into 30 lots at 8911 Old Highway 99 S.E., feasibility

P44 Lorenz Shock/Lee Ingrim: development of 118-unit apartment complex at 1840 Trosper Road S.W., feasibility

P45 South Sound Bank: demolition of current structure and construction of a new South Sound Bank branch with drive-through lanes and ATM lane at 6327 Capitol Blvd. S.E., feasibility

P46 G.L. "Jerry" Honeysett: 18-lot residential plat in the vicinity of 585 Fifth Ave S.W., feasibility

P48 Century Development Group: subdivide 26.7 acres into 165 single-family lots at 2122 93rd and 8915, 8921, 8923 at Old Highwat 99 Southeast, feasibility

P49 Trosper Housing LLC: 118-unit apartment development at 1840 Trosper Road, formal

P50 Basin Investment Group: Demolition of Pizza Hut and construction of Starbucks with a drive-through at 5300 Capitol Blvd. S.E., feasibility.

P51 Chinook Landing LLC: Subdivision with 328 single-family lots, 24 townhomes, nine pocket parks in the vicinity of Henderson Boulevard and Tumwater Boulevard, feasibility.

P53 Peppin/Unger LLC: 62 senior housing units, 201-stall parking and two commericial buildings at Crosby and Barnes, formal review.

P54 Seung-Shik/Cho A. Lee Investments: demolish existing building and build a Taco Time restaurant at 5310 Capitol Blvd. S.E, feasibility review.

P55 Al's Welding and Steel Fabrication: 34,000-square-foot steel fabrication at northwest corner of Terminal Street and future 83rd Avenue, feasibility.

P56 Ki Nam: remodel store, add fuel pumps and develop 15 retail spaces at 7000 Littlerock Road S.W., feasibility review.

P57 Kenosha Leasing: 83-acre industrial, business park with 8 acres of support services at 93rd Avenue Southwest and Kimmie Street Southwest, feasibility.

P58 James Schweickert: indoor go-cart raciing facility at the 8000 block of Center Street.

P59 Pilchuck Contractors Inc.: 19,800-square-foot maintenance shop at 2431 and 2435 93rd Ave. S.W., formal review.

Building permits issued

B26 Centerfield Construction: $880,399.82 for two tri-plexes at 6445, 6457 Brycen Lane S.W.

B27 Christensen Inc.: $176,081 shell for 2,400-square-foot office building at 2510 R.W. Johnson Blvd. S.W.

B28 Bruce Ward: $53,000 for 50-foot by 30-foot addition at 5033 Joppa St. S.W.

B29 McDonald's Corp.: $35,000 to add new seating, counter, beverage bar at 5601 Capitol Blvd. S.W.

B30 Simon-Johnson LLC : $6.6 million for four-story office building at 7185 Clearwater Drive S.W.

B31 Retaining walls for 58-lot subdivision, $312,000 at 700 V Street.

B32 Tabula Rasa LLC : $527,056 for construction of apartment building with garages at 1954 Trosper Road S.W.

B33 Tabula Rasa LLC : $407,899 for construction of apartment building with garages at 1962 Trosper Road S.W.

B34 Tabula Rasa LLC : $407,899 for construction of apartment building with garages at 1970 Trosper Road S.W.

B35 Tabula Rasa LLC : $924,090 for construction of apartment building with garages at 1946 Trosper Road S.W.

B36 Tabula Rasa LLC : $924,090 for construction of apartment building with garages at 1922 Trosper Road S.W.

B37 Tabula Rasa LLC : $924,090 for construction of apartment building with garages at 1930 Trosper Road S.W.

B38 Stephen Rental Properties LLC : $354,960 for metal retail/warehouse at 2256 Mottman Road S.W.



P30 Kyung Soon Yun: convert 7-acre residential site to a commercial center with gas station, retail and ministorage facilities and a caretaker residence at 210 N.W. Madrona Beach Road, Olympia

P31 Mark S. McGeary: build 12 four-plexes at 916 73rd Ave. S.E.,Olympia

P32 Carl Teitge: subdivide 40 acres into 40 clustered lots at 17236 Littlerock Road S.W., Rochester

P33 Ron Stennes and Jay Schmalenberg: industrial park/warehouse, office space at 3111 S.W. 93rd Ave.

P34 Yung K. Jung: disassemble church at Lakewood and assemble on parcel at 1934 N.E. Sleater-Kinney Road, Olympia

P35 Geronimo Subia: a building for espresso stand at 7945 Martin Way, Lacey

P36 Musong Kim: 70-lot subdivision covering 22.41 acres at 54th Avenue and Trosper Road, Tumwater

P37 Gordon Trucking Inc.: develop a truck terminal at 13005 Reeder Road S.W., Olympia

P38 Dean Edenstrom: proposed staging area for shoreline restoration business at 9733 Hunter Point, Olympia

P39 Industrial Investors Phase II and Omni Investments c/o Ted Sladek: 139-acre mixed-use development in Rochester near 183rd Avenue and Tenino Grand Mound highway

P40 Marvin Anderson: construct new auto repair shop on vacant land near Interstate 5 at U.S. Highway 12 West.

P41 Triway Enterprises: 63-acre subdivision of 119 homes at Kirsop Road and 66th Avenue Southwest

P42 Mike Murphy: addition of seven buildings for retail and restaurant space at 6541 N.W. Sexton Road

P43 Koelsch Senior Communities: apartment buildings for age-restricted living at 3441 Mud Bay Road N.W.

P44 84 Lumber Company: Construction of up to five buildings on 27.38 acres at 9801 Lathrop Industrial Drive S.W.

P45 Ron Deering: develop 54 acres into 168 lots at 7731 Littlerock Road S.W.

P46 Kyung Soon Yun: phase two of a mixed-use development including 74,800-square-foot office/retail building; 4,000-square-foot day care and 16,400-square-foot fitness center at 7912 Martin Way E.

P47 Jay Kobza: 120 townhomes at 8317 Pacific Highway S.E., Lacey.

P48 Pannattoni Development: 390,900-square-foot warehouse at 2901 S.W. 93rd Ave. S.W.

Building permits

B1 Faith Lutheran Church: $1.5 million for assembly building at 7075 Pacific Ave. S.E., Lacey.

B2 Julie Clemen: $43,766 for riding stable, arena and academy at 7826 Diagonal Road S.E., Olympia.

B3 Aspen Farms LLC: $450,000 for riding stable, arena and academy at 15910 130th Trail S.E., Yelm.

B4 Great Floors: 42,920-square-foot retail store at 7800 Martin Way E., Olympia.

B5 Yong Ye Costello: $299,264.40 for 3,600-square-foot restaurant at 7912 Martin Way E.

B6 Ward & Van Lierop Farms Inc.: 70,560-square-foot commercial accessory building at 7725 Yelm Highway S.E.


In application process

A2 Sunridge Homes: 12 homes in Mountain Sunrise subdivision, 16600 Rainier View Drive S.E.

A4 Tahoma Terra: 142-acre planned community of 850 to 1,000 homes, Longmire Street, Yelm

Building permits

B1 Twin County Credit Union: 2,585-square foot addition for credit union at 1105 Yelm Ave. W.

B2 Quadrant Homes: 20 homes in Tahoma Terra subdivision near Terra Glen Street Southeast

The development map will appear the last Sunday of each month. Information for the development map is compiled by Olympian business editor Jim Szymanski and business reporter Rolf Boone. What does it mean?

Presubmission: A preliminary "what if" phase in which developers and government planners duscuss a project's feasibility and the regulatory hurdles.

Application process: This is when a project is formally reviewed prior to a building permit being issued. The application process includes site-plan and environmental reviews.

Building permit issued: Construction is under way or about to begin.

Note: The map lists South Sound's most significant developments. Some smaller projects have been omitted.