Check finds 11 Thurston retailers sold minors tobacco

OLYMPIA – Thurston County health officials this week announced the results of its annual federally mandated tobacco compliance checks, resulting in a 73 percent compliance rate among local retailers.

The 11 retailers that sold tobacco to minors during the federally mandated checks and additional random checks are:

 • Fraternal Order of Eagles Prairie Aerie #4144 on Koeppen Road in Yelm.

 • Rainier Chevron in the 16000 block of Yelm Avenue in Yelm.

 • Olympia Alano Club in the 300 block of Fourth Avenue in Olympia.

 • Melody Food Mart on Cleveland Avenue.

 • Olympia Chevron on 2601 Yelm Highway in Yelm.

 • Tenino Corner Grocery at 319 Wichman Street in Tenino.

 • Arco AM/PM Mini Market at 402 Sleater-Kinney in Lacey.

 • The Evergreen State College bookstore.

 • 7-Eleven on Crosby Blvd in Tumwater.

 • Parks Place on Yelm Highway in Yelm

 • Whistle Stop in the 12000 blockof Old Highway 99 in Tenino.

Jamilia Sherls, Tobacco Prevention & Control Coordinator for Thurston County Public Health and Social Services, said Thursday that a first-offense for selling tobacco to a minor can result in a $50 fine for a clerk and a $100 fine for the owner of a retail store. With enough repeat offenses, a retail store can lose its license to sell tobacco, she added.

The sale of tobacco is illegal to minors under 18.

The Olympian