CABLE TELEVISION: Comcast to raise rates next month

Comcast plans to begin notifying its Washington customers this week that they will see price increases in their October cable television bills averaging 2.7 percent.

Digital Starter, a package of channels taken by a majority of Comcast customers, will increase by $1.70 a month from $55.75 to $57.45.

The monthly leasing fee for a cable modem will increase from $3 to $5 beginning next month.

And the monthly fee for a modem for the company’s digital phone service will see monthly increases of $2, raising the modem fee to $5, the company said.

“These price adjustments reflect the increased cost of doing business and our continued investment in next-generation technology and equipment to support new product features, more programming choices and improvements to customer service,” said the company.

Comcast said that some of its competitors have already raised their fees to customers.

John Gillie, The News Tribune