Russell cleaning up, donating items

Tacoma will, after all, benefit from the departure of Russell Investments from its longtime downtown headquarters to a new home occupying several floors of a Seattle office tower.

According to a news release Friday from Goodwill, “about a ton of items were donated today to Tacoma Goodwill Industries from associates with Russell Investments as they prepare for Russell’s headquarters move.”

“As our associates begin cleaning and organizing the materials in their personal work stations and offices to prepare for our headquarters move, we want to provide the opportunity to donate items to organizations, such as Goodwill, that benefit many people in the Tacoma community,” Ken Willman, Russell’s chief legal officer, said.

Donated items included reference books, travel mugs and “a variety of other items” that included, according to Goodwill spokesman Matthew Erlich, “stuffed animals, flower vases” and other items that might be found in an executive cubicle.

No cash, bonds or loose share certificates were reported.